Poll: Who will win French Open 2011 on the women’s side


For a long time I’ve been planning to make a poll and now I’ve finally learned how to do it (hopefully it will work fine). The question is of course related to the French Open. I picked 12 players as possible winners of the tournament (the draw is so open that it was hard to select fewer players), but if your favorite is someone else, feel free to share your opinion in the comments. Do contribute with your vote! 🙂

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(photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. I just don’t know for who to vote, since none of these girls are in some convincing form on clay. I voted for Maria cause although clay isn’t her surface, she has been playing great, has improved a lot, is focused and determined, and if she goes far, she could easily win the title because of her mental strenght and fighting spirit, which are crucial in winning slams.

  2. Mirjana, who would’ve thought Maria would be the favorite. I also voted for her now. Interestingly, so far JJ has more votes than Wozniacki, although, it’s too early to tell.

    Also, it’s interesting that nobody has voted for Schiavone yet.

  3. I watched JJ’s match. she played well against Alona. even though it was Alona’s first match of the season. I believe the new balls they are using for RG play into JJ’s style of playing, but she still needs to be more aggressive in the later rounds (assuming she makes it that far). All I know, this is gonna be a great tourney 🙂

    it was a bad day for the Bonderanko sisters.

  4. I want Sam to win, but i will be happy for Caroline, Maria and Victoria….13 votes for Ana? Um…

  5. Hm, good question. I’ve got many on my list. But I’ve to say, I’m for the same players like ever. So: Go Kim! Gom Sam! Go JJ! Go Julia! Go “Petko”!

  6. Gee, I couldn’t vote more than once!!! That is great as it precludes someone like me from stuffing the ballet box (for Sharapova of course!!)
    But where are real contenders like Andrea Petkovic and Li Na? Sorry to offend you, but Kuznetsova and those two Serbians you included have no chance to win.
    Lastly, do people who comment on women playing better or worse on certain surfaces like clay – are there any statistics to back up those claims? Seems to me good players win on any surface and poor players lose.

  7. JohnnyB, hehe the poll system is better than you thought. I included Ivanovic and Kuznetsova as RG past champions (and it was not a long time ago that they won). Many people consider Jankovic a favorite, so I included her. I could’ve included Petkovic and Li, I guess I unjustly left them out. However, that’s why there are comments to add players you think were omitted. And lastly, someone will always stay without their favorite being included.

    Some players do play better on some surfaces, and they themselves say it. But you made a good point, if a player is good, the advantage of a favorable surface is not too prominent.

  8. I have gone for Julia Goerges. She has a terrific serve and a massive forehand. Clay is her favourite surface and she moves well on it for a tall woman. She is in Woza’s quarter and has beaten the no 1 on clay twice recently.

    Plus I have huge odds on her winning the title – 150/1

    You go Goerges!!

  9. Ken white, just like Johnny B suggested to me in an email, I shouldn’t have skipped Li Na and Andrea Petkovic in the poll. Oh well, that’s why I said you are free to add your choices in the comments.


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