Serena Williams releases her survivor spirit


Serena Williams has been away from the tennis courts since winning Wimbledon 2010 and she’s using her free time to practice for her rap career in a relaxed atmosphere of a karaoke bar in South Beach. Listen to Serena’s interpretation of Destiny Child’s “Survivor”. Serena is the one in the red dress.

If you love what you’re hearing :), check out Serena singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.

As for the actual tennis, the latest news is that she is expected to come back to play World Team Tennis in July, along with her sister Venus.


  1. The Williams sisters are finished in the WTA. They may play exhibitions including WTT matches, but don’t count on seeing them back on the courts at WTA tournaments.

    Too bad they couldn’t have retired gracefully as Elena Dementieva did last year. No, they milk the endorsement money and make fools of their fans snubbing them again and again.


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