Spring tennis fashion, Roland Garros edition


Traditionally, Women’s Tennis Blog is doing Grand Slam fashion overviews, so let’s see what major sports brands have on display at Roland Garros 2011.

World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki brought nothing new to the fashion table of Roland Garros – the 20-year-old Dane, who bowed out of the tournament in the third round already, wore the adidas by Stella McCartney Ruffle Dress which she debuted at Indian Wells in March.

Adidas impressed with an array of bright colors that perfectly contrast/match the red clay of Roland Garros. Above you can see the variety of pink, orange and green combinations on Daniela Hantuchova, Sorana Cirstea, Andrea Petkovic, Maria Kirilenko and Arantxa Rus. Here you can read more about Adidas’ French Open collection.

And now that we mentioned Arantxa Rus, let’s proceed with Kim Clijsters. The Belgian sported a special vintage Monica Seles-inspired ensemble, which Fila made for her based on her childhood tennis outfit from the 80s. It’s refreshing, something out of the ordinary for the usually classic Clijsters.

Compare this year’s tennis fashion to what players were wearing at Roland Garros 2010.

Lacoste, represented by Samantha Stosur and Gisela Dulko, opted for stripes in red and black. Adidas’ Adipure line, which Dulko’s doubles partner Flavia Pennetta is wearing, also has stripes.

Vera Zvonareva, the most prominent representative of K-Swiss, wore a nicely-shaped black skirt and a cute red tank.

When it comes to Nike, they prepared a dress specifically for Serena Williams, even though she hasn’t played competitive tennis in almost a year, but Maria Sharapova and her yellow Eiffel Tower-inspired dress are giving plenty of exposure to the brand. Julia Goerges was in the similar color palette, wearing Nike Statement tank and skort.

Victoria Azarenka is sporting a purple Nike Flirty Set Point dress, while Li Na is wearing a Nike Summer Smash Classic Top and Skort. Nike can be satisfied with three representatives in the quarterfinals.

Ellesse considerably tuned down their fashion expression for Nadia Petrova. That’s less interesting for us, but good news for Nadia. Defending champion Francesca Schiavone is also wearing simple clothes, a Lotto outfit in neutral colors.

Jelena Jankovic and her always-colorful Anta, this time in pink. Jelena also had a matching bag.

And last but not least, Bethanie Mattek Sands. The American had a number of looks at the French Open, some more moderate than the others, but of course she stayed faithful to herself – with her long socks, under-eye makeup and tattoos. I don’t know yet what happened to the release of her Lady Gaga craziness, though.

My favorite of all the outfits is without a doubt the Adidas Summer Adizero dress, and the entire current Barricade and Adizero collection. Nothing else really impresses me. What about you? Which Roland Garros 2011 outfit is your favorite? (photos: y.caradec, Cedric Fischer, tsavoja, krissaconnection, Paul Auther, Diario Informe, Julien (Quelques-notes.com), francetvsport, Yahoo, Roland Garros)


  1. Good post! I’m agree with you that adizero dress is wonderful! on my opinion it looks better in ana that in dani..dani es too thin! But for me the prettiest one is gisela’s dress..looks beautiful on her body!

  2. Brenda, thanks for reminding me to do the overview! πŸ™‚ I agree, Adizero looks better on Ana, but I always put her photo, so I thought it was time to make a change, especially now that Hantuchova did much better at RG.

  3. I was just thinking “Has Marija already prepared the clothes’ overview?” …I open the blog and here I find it! πŸ˜€

    I agree about the clothes, Adidas Adizero is the best, between the pink and purple version I still prefer the second, but just because I’m not a big fan of fuchsia… I was just thinking that I would have liked more an orange and green version with white accessories πŸ™‚

    About Stella McCartney Ruffle Dress I must say that I do not like it, I can appreciate only the color, but those ruffles on the neckline reminds me a bit of Elizabethan era collars :P. I hoped that Caroline was wearing the negligee-style top with the pleated skirt.

    I would have liked Vika’s dress if were it not for the flounces on the skirt, I find that without it would have been much better…

    I like K-Swiss and Lacoste outfit, simple but nice. Masha’s dress is perfect for her, but not one of the best she wore.

    Also Lotto did a good job this year, the designs are not bad, although the Francesca’s masculine walk combined with this feminine skirt always makes me smile πŸ™‚

  4. Adizero rules! Is it just me or did Nike copy their designs a little (look at Na’s dress? Maria’s dress is very pretty. I think ANTA has put a bit too much pink on that dress, to be honest. Stella McCurse is as usual no good. They could have added a few inches to that dress because when Caro jumps…well, it’s pretty short πŸ™‚

  5. I was just thinking about this yesterday! Great post πŸ™‚

    Daniela’s dress was lovely, she wore it really well. Ana looked great in it too, it’s a pity we didn’t get to see it for a bit longer πŸ™ I loved the colours adidas used for this tournament, nice and bright for summer!

    Sharapova, as ever, looks great in yellow. I always like Li’s apparel, it’s always perfect for tennis. I like the purple of Azarenka’s dress, but as a whole, I’m not a big fan of the style. She has looked better.

    I really like JJ’s dress, it’s probably my favourite ANTA creation so far.

    What to say about Wozniacki’s dress…I honestly think she looked far better in Adilibria. I’d be interested to see how Maria Kirilenko would have looked in the designs that Wozniacki wore. I suppose that it’s at least getting more exposure with Wozniacki wearing the designs.

    My favourite was definitely the Adizero dress, with Sharapova’s in a close second πŸ™‚

  6. I think this year the winner when it comes to color combination is adidas. They simply put something that is in our wildest dreams could not be compatible but upon seeing the design,one can really awe how the colors are compatible with each other. It’s very pleasing to the eyes and cool as well. The downside is that adidas makes the same design structure of the dresses from australian open up to french open. I hope adidas will be able to come up with a different design variety in each grand slam and not only with different color combination.

    As for Stella McCartney, the designs bring luxury to the tennis table but they only bring new designs during the US Open and Australian Open which I guess is a little of a disappointment since everyone is expecting new designs during the Grand Slam Tournament.

    Nike has been doing a good job in the design department since they offer a lot of variety but when it comes to contrasting of color, the winner is Adidas…..

  7. Wow, this might be the first time that so many people agree. We can say that Adidas is definitely the winner this spring.

    Francesca, hehe thank Brenda! πŸ™‚

    Marine, I actually think Nike was the first to introduce bright colors that do not match but match, it was for Serena’s outfits. But now, I think Nike and Adidas both have good designs and work in different directions, I don’t think copying is taking place.

    BrΓ³na, I also don’t like this neckline and stuff, and I agree, Caroline looked better in classic adidas. However, the last year’s US Open dress suited her well. I think she looks better in clothes that are tight to her body.

    Leo, I happen to like it that Adidas is not changing their design so often during the year. They make one great product, a whole line of products, and because it is so great, it takes a lot of time for it to become boring. Haha when they withdrew some of their dresses I was actually sad, even though Ivanovic was wearing them for like forever.

  8. And my number one is pink Adidas dress that Ana and Hantuchova wore,it suited Ana better,but,Hantuchova got further in draw.I looove it,but still,my favourite Adidas dress remains famous baloon dress that Ana wore in 2008 (those were the days πŸ™‚ ).I like Maria’s dress,mostly because of the colour,but the design is interesting,too.I think JJ looked really pretty at French Open,pink looks great on her and for some reason I like it more when she puts long earings,she usually wears smalller ones. πŸ˜€ For Caro,can do better.Same for Azarenka.It’s strange to see Kim in something like this,it’s a little bit crazy,but it’s ok. I don’t like Mattek Sands looks,neither one of them,they don’t make her look femmine and not even interesting anymore (that is her goal,right?).For me,she looks like Rambo and it just isn’t cool unless your name is Sylvester Stallone.

  9. I like Sharapovas dress the most. I like Carolines too, but it would be a lot better on a different player. caroline stella just doesnt work

  10. Marine, the link is not working for me. Can you recopy it or something?

    Mg, I understand you about Bethanie, but still I like what she brings to tennis fashion. She is unique.

    Jacob A, I hope you like my overview! πŸ˜‰

  11. Marine, nice picture. As for their question, Ana definitely wore it best, but now that we’re talking about Woz, yes, she does look better in regular Adidas than in Stella.

  12. Marija, I think that if you compare her look in McCurse πŸ˜› and Adilibria it’s clear why Stella should rather do regular fashion. Adilibria looks good on everyone whereas for McCurse the player needs to have a certain body shape. Her clothers would look OK on someone like Sharapova. What do you think?

  13. Marine, Sharapova? I don’t think so. If the dresses are short to Wozniacki, how short would they be to Sharapova? πŸ™‚

    Kirilenko was a perfect match in terms of body figure.

  14. Well, I meant more the style than the shape. Kirilenko was a better choice though, I agree. Anyway, I find Stella really dull, the colours are dull, the designs not sporty…meh, definitely not my cup of tea.

  15. Marine, a couple of years ago Stella’s designs were my favorites, she was the most unique. I think that Adidas outclassed her now.

  16. Marija I also think that a couple of years ago stella’s designs were more unique! As well as nike! 2008 was the best year of fashion for me! Sharapova’s rg dress was AMAZING, perfect! i love it! and her wimbledon outfit..OMG! was the prettiest outfit I’ve ever seen!! And Kirilenko’s baloon dress and her golden skirt were also awesome! Nike and Stella now haven’t got inspiration! Real adidas is making the best outfits this season πŸ™‚

  17. Is it already possible to see what the Wimbledon clothes will look like in adizero? I’m so impatient!

  18. this year masha’s dress is horrible! It has many details that do not combine, and the colour is not the best one

  19. And here is Masha’s dress, I don’t know if you’ve already seen it πŸ˜‰

    [link not valid any more]

  20. Francesca and Brenda, thanks for the links! I will make a post featuring the new outfits πŸ˜‰

  21. I really liked how you focused on every outfit throughout the entire tournament. It really showcased some of the good and bad decisions made by the players and their sponsors. Bethany Mattek-Sands was a really good way to end it because she is such an interesting character when it comes to her tattoos, clothes, and intimidated eye make-up.


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