Li Na’s Roland Garros 2011 success – victory point, interview, and more


China’s Li Na yesterday became the first player from an Asian nation to win a Grand Slam singles title and it means a lot not only to China but to the entire tennis world as Li’s success is expected to fuel the sport’s rapid growth in the most populous country.

In the above video you can see the final moments of the 2011 Roland Garros championship match in which Li defeated Italy’s holder Francesca Schiavone 6-4 7-6(0).

And here’s Li’s post-match interview.

Chinese language lessons could be useful now. Therefore, check out Li herself teaching us how to say 40-0, 30-0 and 15-0 in Chinese. The video was filmed by the WTA Tour during Roland Garros.

Here’s Li and her French Open trophy with the Eiffel Tower in the back.

Clothing brand in charge of Li’s on-court appearance, Nike, has already prepared a tribute for the champion.

And last but not least, here’s a video tribute to Roland Garros 2011 created by our loyal reader Leo Jamorin. If you remember, he won Wilson a tennis racquet signed by Justine Henin in one of contests here on Women’s Tennis Blog.

It was a fulfilling tournament and congratulations to Li Na, who will now climb to No.4 in the rankings, from her current No.7, and equal Kimiko Date-Krumm’s mark for highest-ranked Asian in WTA history.


  1. This is definitely a huge thing for tennis in Asia, especially in China, and I’m glad Li has won a Slam, she is a great player. It’ll be interesting to see her performance at Wimbledon after this win.

  2. To recover from this frustrating Roland Garros – Fed and Woz, you tried to make me believe, and you failed :-(, here is the funny recap:
    Congrats to Kim for the best point of the fortnight @0:55. How did you manage to lose after such point??? and can you please redo it?

    Last, thanks to Jeremy for all the on-the-road interviews. Andrea is really cool, , we already knew that, but the grand prize goes without any doubt nor contest to Daniela:

  3. wow. the video about RG 2011 is really ool. Loved the way it started, the images of ball kids. Really great. esp the one with the kid watching the match through the window, i loved that pic. Keep up the good work.


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