Roddick says Serena’s return to bring a vital boost

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Men’s tennis star Andy Roddick says that Serena Williams‘ return will bring a much-needed strength to the women’s game and he’s welcoming the comeback of his fellow American.

Roddick thinks that women’s tennis has not been in good situation without Serena:

I mean, I think, no disrespect to any of the women that are playing right now, but I think women’s tennis needs that dominating figure.

And a defense of her 2010 Wimbledon title would not be an impossible accomplishment for Serena, according to Roddick:

I don’t think it would shock anybody if she came through and won it again. It’s very smart of her to play a lead-up event [Serena’s playing Eastbourne], especially after being gone for a year.

Also, Roddick admires the extra things Serena brings to tennis:

She’s a great champion, but she brings pop culture to tennis. She brings crossover appeal and creates storylines even when she’s not trying which, at the end of the day, is a healthy thing for our sport.

(source: Reuters, photo: twenty90seven)


  1. Roddick like the Williams sisters are past their prime.

    Contrary to what Roddick thinks the WTA has flourished without them. Sharapova, Wozniacki, Clijsters and the other top 10 players give back so much more to the game than Serena ever did. Real sports leaders will play as many tournaments as possible and represent their sport off the court as well.

  2. I’ll agree with JohnnyB on this one. I respect Williams sisters accomplishments and i think they are/were great players, but ever since I started following tennis in 2007, I never thought of them as dominant players, not even while Serena was no.1… Simply, they don’t play enough tournaments to achieve the real domination, like the one Justine had.

  3. I think Andy’s comment is disrespectful because tennis does have dominant figure(s). What Caroline is doing can be called domination because at the moment nobody on the tour wins that many tournaments as her. When was the last time Williams sisters won six events like she did last year? A long time ago.
    The truth is that at the moment players without a slam play better throughout the season than players who have some slams to their name. GS is not a sign of greatness as much anymore. In the past it was because those who won slams won many other events. Therefore there were no slamless no.1s unlike now.

  4. The Wta has flourished without those big champions. It has to because they won’t be here forever BUT Is that why SO MANY commentators, broadcasters and legends like Evert, Navratilova and Davenport always complain on television about the lack of true winners and the disarray at the top of the women’s game?
    By the way i love Sharapova but do her constant double faults a la dementieva do any good for the game? Is Wozniacki losing 6-1 6-3 in the third round of a grand slam a good publicity for the women’s game? Not to mention the first three seeds losing before the quarters at the french, do you call that a flourishing wta tour?

  5. Waouh the assumption of the century: a player not being in one slam final all year (2010 that was) is considered as dominant by another woman who supposedly knows everything about tennis.
    Waouh just waouh

  6. The game misses Serena and Justine who can really play, not those who are at the top.
    Mirjana, you said it yourself, you clearly didn’t follow women’s tennis in the early 2000’s and 2002 to see a dominance by another player not named Juju

  7. Yeah, but those times for Serena are way pass and she’s just not type of player anymore, which is understandable, she’s 30. It seems players these days can’t be and the best and the most consistent, which makes them dominant. Ones get the slams, and others no. 1 ranking, which is really unusual and confusing.

  8. Just because top seeds were out early it doesn’t mean anything bad about the tour. The competition is not just about a few names, so it’s good that lower-ranked player came out playing so well.

  9. I’m totally agree with roddick women tennis now a day doesn’0t have any leader! serena was the last! Kim now is a leader but she has 2 gs and a masters on her ranking and she’s not n1..wta is very bad! they give many points as a present, and they don’t have rules for playing tournaments, the n1 player play 22 tournaments, and every tournament count on her ranking!!??? I’ve readen that rafa’s barcelonas points (500) were uncountable because he can’t play a lot of tournaments because he’s n1!
    wta gives 900 points for making sf in a gs, and atp 720! wta gives more points that atp in brisbane (30), auckland (30) sidney (220), DUBAI (400) , doha (220), kuala lumpur (30), stuttgart (220), estoril (30), eastbourne (220), bastad (30), new haven (220), TOKIO (400), BEIJING (500!!), moscu (220) and i don’t find it very good!
    ATP only give more points in Memphis (220), acapulco (220) barcelona (220), rome (10), montreal (10) cincinati (10) and paris (720)
    rafa on wta could be a player out of the top 5! jaja!! and n1 could be soderling, or ferrer that play a lot of tournaments!!

    really disgusting.. to think about it..
    I’m the first to want caroline to win a slam..because i find her really nice..but for me she can’t be the n1 player without a slam..even if she wins many and many tournaments


  10. The idea of Serena and Venus returning to tennis will not only make the viewing of Wimbledon better but also the anticipation of Wimbledon better for the women’s draw. Questions like ‘where will they be seeded?’, or ‘how will they do?’ have come up in more conversations over the last few days for me than about any other tennis player. The only question I here about Wozniacki is when is she going to win a major. I’m sorry, but that is a question the #1 player should have answered by now despite her age and maybe experience.

  11. Caroline gives nothing to the game but boring dresses and boring personality and a really ugly accent.

  12. Jacob A, well said 🙂 Caroline is the worst number one! She’s is just a boring person and doesn’t really deserve a Grand Slam win.

    Serena is the sports greatest player of all time, its great shes healthy, great shes back and how can you say shes past her prime is she hasn’t played for nearly a year? Obviously she will be rust when she first plays, but what could you expect?

    I think it is more correct that Kim Clijster’s career may be slipping away, there was no excues for her loss to Rus and I think that Wimbledon will be a tell tale sign for her.

  13. jankovic or safina were more bad n1 than caroline for me.. But these girls are very smart..playing many many and many tournaments to became n1 is a estrategy

  14. Exactly when did the Williams sisters lead the WTA? Justine was number one longer than any other player in the past decade. Playing a few tournaments each year is no way to represent your sport. The idea a player needs to win a major to be number one is not reality. The player who becomes number one by not winning a major has to work much harder and win many more matches. Not all of us like certain player’s personalities, but those players who dedicate themselves to tennis like Wozniacki, Clijsters and Sharapova must be recognized for giving back and not always taking from the game. By the way, Maria Sharapova is the most popular and highest paid female athlete in history!!

  15. work too much harder is winning bruxelsor charleston?? Are you joking??!!! I remember when in 2009 serena had on her ranking points of 3!!!! Gs (us08;ao09;w09) and safina was n1 wta is a pathetic organization!!
    Pd: rome, toronto and cincinati in atp give 100 points more than wta, not ten..sorry!

  16. I totally agree with you, JohnyB. Caroline is the best no.1 since Justine Henin. Her game is not as good but she is dedicated to the sport and fans can expect she will always do her best. Even though Maria has won slams she said she is motivated to get to the top again which is a promise of some great rivalries in the future. And as for Kim, her comeback has been superb. I think she may become a no.1 again this season.
    As far as all the dooming of WTA is concerned how come that last year’s Doha recorded a higher viewership record than a year before (when Williamses were there as well)?

  17. marine..for you caroline really is a dominate player? please you can like caro, but don’t lie..last year she won 6 tournaments and only two of them were big one, kim won 4 big tittles!!..please.. DON’T SAY STUPID THINGS

  18. kim clijsters 2010 tittles : 5 (brisbane, MIAMI, CINCINNATI, US OPEN, WTA CHAMPIONSHIP)
    Caroline wozniacki 2010 titles: 6 (ponte vedra- a very very small tournament that do not existe anymore- copenhague-a very very small tournament made specially for her-MONTREAL,new haven, TOKIO; BEIJING
    If you say that last year caroline dominated the tour you are mad

  19. Maybe everyone just needs to look at something very important here – Prize money earnt…Guess who has the most? Serena Williams. I know somepeople (most like Marine…) will say ‘blah blah blah Caroline is still young and will eclipse that’ Well guess what thats more than Justine, more Venus and more than Kim and Serena spent 123 weeks at #1 Justine only had 117. Serena has been the dominant force on the tour over the past decade…and that was despite serious injuries and the very sad death of her sister.

    People say Serena is bad for the sport because of her tantrum(s) what about when Caroline doesn’t get her way? Down goes the raquet and down comes the tears. The reason why Caro wont win a slam is because she can’t have daddy come out on court to talk to her and I doubt she would have been able to win some of those tournament with out on-court coaching (the worst decision made by the WTA Tour)

    And now lets talk about taking away from the sport – retiring with out notice a matter of days before defending your French Open title (thats pretty suss) Retiring duing an ongoing slam (which you lost earlier in) during the SF’s now thats pretty rude why not wate till after the conclusion on slam? Now that is taking away from the sport and you know what else is? Playing every possible tournament you can in selfishness to boost your ranking, I mean caro played Charleston, Stuggart, Madrid, Rome and Brussels and resulting lost in the 3rd round of Roland Garros. Its players like Caro who have taken away the glory of being world number one, and they prove anyone can be, that’s bad for the game. Being world number one and winning grand slams’ are the games top pinacles so why shouldn’t the go hand in hand? Why should the level and abilities of being world number one be lowerd by stupid point racking up by playing every tournament. Perhaps the point system does need a shake up? Because the WTA needs to do something to restore the glory in being world number one.

  20. Caroline is only “the best” number 1 because of the amount of tournaments she plays to maintain her ranking…Do you people actually think Caroline is a better player then Serena? You must be joking

  21. agree with you jacob! William sisters, speccially serena will be remember forever, caroline is going to be remember for being one of that players that get the n1 ranking without a slam..not a very beautiful achievement!

  22. i know roddick didn’t mean what he said did he see how serena williams look on the court out of shape most of all rusty watching the ball pass her she just aint the player she once was she try too boast up herself with come on just wasn’t feeling her she came out swinging but not enough gas in her tank too keep up just not ready serena is stupid how she expect too win and is not practicing enough come serena you know better you give tennis your all and i am sure you get get back at no.1 good luck!

  23. I alway love venus williams but i am sorry they pass playing good tennis venus had look ready but started doublefaulting and unforce error like it was going out of style williams sisters is getting old and played out they just aint serious anymore tennis could do without them two i like the younger players! less drama

  24. come on people why talk bad about the others when williams sister have tennis like a joke the williams sisters was once dominant players now anyone could give them a run for they money yes they’re experience player but even experience players need too practice too stay in shape it’s abviously they wasn’t practicing enough both of them was send packing too fast so all your williams sisters fans stop putting down the others whom trying too do they best i think tennis was better off without serena!

  25. The sisters defined a decade of tennis and in my book they are high achievers.This past decade will always be remembered as the Williams decade….they are the measuring stick of the tour.As soon as they announced their comeback the buzz was deafening overshadowing pova or Kim and if one of them wins Wimbledon that will sent shockwaves rippling through the sport media.
    love or hate them they are true superstars,they dont need sound bites or commentators hyping them instead they get hate from the media from being called derogatory names and belittled.
    I like them because they bring excitement to the tour..right now the tour has got an injection of energy and authenticity.
    long live Vee and Ree!!!


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