Bethanie Mattek Sands to wear white tennis balls at Wimbledon?


Bethanie Mattek Sands always grabs attention with her tennis clothes and the Wimbedon player party dress was not all the fashion fun she prepared for us this grass season. Her cooperation with Alex Noble, Lady Gaga’s designer, is reaching the tennis courts as well, and its first showing will be at Wimbledon, the most strict and traditional tennis tournament. Bethanie will not cross the boundaries of the all-white clothing rule, but her outfit will be over-the-top.

We can expect white tennis balls to adorn her outfit, some sort of accessory, that’s all we know now. Here’s Bethanie’s hint:

I have something of his that I’m going to wear onto the court, but I can’t play in it. It’s my big surprise for Wimbledon.

Additional info: Bethanie is having the seeding of No.30 at this year’s Wimbledon and it’s actually the first time she’s seeded in a Grand Slam event. Bethanie’s opponent in the first round will be Japan’s Misaki Doi ranked No.133. (photo via lucas67, source: ESPN)


  1. I can’t wait to see what has she come up with now, but I think it could be a bit much for Wimbledon, too.


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