Women’s Tennis Blog taking a summer vacation


Dear readers,

The time has come for a summer vacation and while I am super excited for the sun, sea and all the fun it brings, I am sorry that I will not be able to update my blog in the next ten days, until August 1. This time I haven’t prepared posts in advance, so you will get some time to rest as well 🙂

Unfortunately I will not cover the inaugural tournaments of Baku Cup in Azerbaijan and Citi Open in Washington, and the Premier-level Bank of the West Classic in Stanford.

See you soon! 🙂




  1. have a nice time dear! I have to say that i’ve a lot of fun reading maria sharapova’s post on her facebook saying:”i really like to play these small tournaments sometimes” talking about stanford’s premier event! For me also is a small event, but for caroline, vika and vera not hahaha I think that comment was for caroline! Is not the first time that she said things like that! Hahahah however she’s right h

  2. jajaa i’m laughting thinking about jhonny b or marine after serena’s stanford tittle!! she won a tournament on the 3rd that she played after almos a year!! that’s a player…she’s FAVORITE at the us open, because no one played like her! and jhonny b and marine must be afraid, because serena won one of these small tournments that for them and for caroine are BIG, so, they Should congratulate her hahahahah

  3. waouh Bravo Serena on the bank of the west classic, had some very easy wins against SHarapova (who she’s used to dismantling because she just does everything better than her) and Lisicki
    looking forward to see toronto where all the big guns will be with Kim, Vee and Kvitova

  4. Come back soon Marija, better that you’re here than some losers on this site. I’s a shame we all can’t get along


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