Poll: Vote for the cutest childhood photos of WTA stars


Since the photos of players when they were kids is one of your favorite sections on Women’s Tennis Blog, I decided to include it on the homepage, at least for a while. Actually, it’s all the idea of our reader Tony (PennettaFan on Twitter). Under the title “Little tennis stars”, below in the left sidebar, you can see young Monica Seles and links to all the other players’ childhood photos that have been included on Women’s Tennis Blog so far.

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Also, I was inspired to make a poll where you can vote for the cutest childhood photo of a WTA player. This list is of course by no means extensive. Feel free to share some cute photos of WTA players you may have come across, and I can feature them in future articles and polls.

Below are my photo favorites included in the poll:

1) Dinara Safina – I love her face expression here.

2) Sara Errani – Adorable curly blond hair, love the vintage look.

3) Sam Stosur – Classic girl beauty.

4) Jelena Jankovic – I love this photo of JJ in a fluffy top and skirt with lots of flowers, make-up and bracelets.

5) Elena Dementieva – Angelic girl.

6) Monica Seles – Very cute photo.

7 ) Ana Ivanovic – So adorable.


  1. Gregoire, I think Ana is very cute in that photo. As for objectiveness, that was not even the point of this post, I said I picked the photos that are my favorites and that you can share your favorites in the comments.

    Diane, I absolutely agree. I love them! 🙂

    If you’re interested, I voted for Safina 😉

  2. I voted for Sara … how can you not love that pic?? I guess most will vote for their favourite player, regardless of what they look like in the childhood pic. Oh well … 😉

  3. Tony, you think so? I voted for Dinara, and she is one of my favorite players, but I didn’t vote because of that, the photo is simply awesome.

  4. I voted for Safina, too. That photo made me think of what a friend once said when she saw a child photo of Natalie Wood: “She didn’t change at all–her skin just stretched.”!

  5. I’d say so Marija, yes. Would explain why Ana has so many votes! Cute kid, but certainly not the best pic on the list.

    Doesn’t matter though as its just a bit of fun 🙂

  6. Ana Ivanovic’s photo looks so Turkish! There used to be black dresses for elementary school kids so pretty much every Turkish girl from ’80s has such a photo:)


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