Little Victoria Azarenka makes her wishes come true


For those of you who didn’t see my shoutout in the Women’s Tennis Fans Facebook group, our childhood photos series is becoming more and more famous, and it even earned a dedicated article at, including a thumbnail on the homepage! What more can you ask for?

In that light, let’s continue the series and feature the highest-ranked Belarusian in WTA history, whose 2011 was her best career season – Victoria Azarenka. Don’t you love the modest look at little Azarenka’s face? I can imagine her saying: “When I grow up I want to be the best tennis player in the world, to play on grand courts and win big matches in front of huge crowds.” 

The aspiring tennis girl from Minsk, now 22 years old, grew up to win eight singles titles, three only this year, is currently enjoying her career-high ranking of number three, and finalized the season with a runner-up finish at the WTA Championships to Petra Kvitova, whose first tennis lessons we also recently featured in the series. Azarenka’s best Grand Slam showing was this year at Wimbledon when she played in the semifinals. The biggest things are yet to come to Azarenka, though!

Again, Sam thank you for sending me this picture.


  1. Wow!! So many of the players have hardly changed at all since they were young but I’ve got to say that I would never have recognised this girl as Vika! If anything, facially she reminds me a little of Seles.

    Another great pic for the collection though :)) Hope it keeps growing … would love to see some pics of a young Flavia 😉

  2. Congrats about your name spreading, Marija 🙂
    Although could do without calling your blog “no-frills”. Come on, there are many frills! You should remind them about the competitions that are always at WTB 🙂

  3. Tony, I think Vika hasn’t changed much. Flavia, I’d like to feature her, but I still haven’t got her photos. I’m sure her time will come! 🙂

    Marien, good point, I don’t really know why they said “no-frills”, but I’m fine with it. 🙂 I do nurture simplicity 🙂


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