Petra Kvitova fashion retrospection: Nike clothes for the 2011 breakthrough player


Petra Kvitova may not be famous for her fashion, but the Nike-clad Czech had a stellar 2011 season – with six titles, including a Grand Slam and WTA Championships – and I decided to feature our world No.2 in my apparel retrospections for the first time.

The first thing you notice is that Kvitova is not wearing dresses. Two-piece outfits are her thing, and she wears them well.

Also, there is no eye-catching jewelry, no special accessories, except for a headband.

Kvitova nurtures the classic sporty look, but she did wear a wide range of colors during 2011, as opposed to world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki, who sported Adidas by Stella McCartney dresses with many details but only changed three colors in the entire season.

The 21-year-old Kvitova wore various shades of blue, pink, red, purple, brown, and of course an obligatory white for Wimbledon.

My absolute favorite of the season came at the end – the Holiday Smash Classic Top in vivid grape and Pleated Skort in imperial purple. I can’t help it, any purple outfit is always my favorite. 🙂

In addition, the Czech proudly played for her country in the Fed Cup, on three occasions in 2011, and even led her team to the title against Russia in November. Kvitova’s Fed Cup outfit, in the colors of the Czech flag, was equally good as her results.

What do you think of Kvitova’s classic look? Do you like her the way she is or would you like a more elegant world No.2? I like her as she is. There are others to entertain us with fashion experiments, and Women’s Tennis Blog’s retrospections will sure show you that ;). (photos: Brisbane International, tennis buzz, frosklis, Carine06, RobynVCmbevis, © Neal Trousdale, Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Thanks for this retrospective look at Petra’s outfits….love Petra!

    I don’t think she needs to look more ‘elegant’…. she is young, and her outfits have a youthful, sporty vibe to them with lots of fun colours.

  2. I also like her style, I think Petra would not look good in something more elegant or with more details, this is just right. And I love her headband. 😀 My favourite is her French open outfit.

  3. Agreed, she doesn’t need accessories or more elegant clothes.. This matches the way she behaves as a tennis player. My favorite piece is the french open outfit too. Love the colors.

  4. I think she looks great 🙂 She is a proove that outfit and jewelry is the least important thing on the court and looking incredibly splandidly will not help you achieve anything. Sporty and simple- that’s how all the players should look.

  5. I like her style, I also think Petra would not look good in something more elegant or with more details, this is just right.


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