All the 2011 dresses of tennis fashion queen Maria Sharapova


The first Women’s Tennis Blog’s fashion retrospection was dedicated to Maria Sharapova’s Nike dresses in 2007 and the unofficial queen of tennis elegance remains an absolute must in our yearly overviews. During the five years we’ve been paying close attention to her outfits, we noticed that 2011 is the year she tuned down her glamorous and extraordinary looks and turned to more common dresses, wearable for everyday practice.

In the period between 2007 and 2010 Sharapova had at least one piece that absolutely stood out with uniqueness and extravagance – in 2007 those were the red and white US Open dresses with a chest area resembling a New York skyline (my all-time favorites!), in 2008 it was a luxurious Federer-style Wimbledon outfitin 2009 the light layers of her dresses from the start of the seasonin 2010 it was the seaweed Australian Open dress and again very unique US Open collar dresses.

In my humble opinion, Sharapova’s 2011 dresses are all beautiful but more sporty, more simple than in the previous years. There still are a lot of details, but the designs are less striking than what we got used to associating with the Russian fashion queen. What’s your view? Did you happen to notice the same?

Let’s move on to the actual talk about the 2011 looks. In the beginning of the year Sharapova wore the Oz Open strap dress with a boomerang-resembling back. In Miami she debuted a blue Nike Cross Court Statement dress with bronze detailing, and for the French Open she prepared a light yellow dress inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

I love it that for Wimbledon Sharapova always has an elite-looking outfit enhanced by a stylish jacket and bag. The Maria Ace Lawn dress itself is nothing extraordinary (at least not for Sharapova’s standards), but the champion’s complete look left me breathless as expected.

At Toronto and Cincinnati Sharapova wore both her Wimbledon and Stanford outfits, while the following tournament of the US Open was again a special treat for Maria and the Nike team.

Day and night dresses are a must for the US Open and this year Nike made two dresses that differed in both design and color. The night dress inspired by New York was stunning, especially in combination with the accompanying jacket.

At the WTA championships in Istanbul Sharapova sported a Nike winter dress with asymmetrical lines and different shades of blue and gray.

Looking ahead, we already have insights into how Sharapova will most probably look at the 2012 Australian Open. The 24-year-old will wear a white and green racerback dress.

Talking about Nike, compare their another approach to women’s tennis fashion, without dresses, on the example of the hottest player of the season, Petra Kvitova. (photos: Fairways and Forehands, TidalistLylux, Ralf Reinecke, © Neal Trousdale, tennis buzziShot71, fatal_success)


  1. hi marija….

    i loved the aussie open dress…

    neutral color mixed with the tangy orange… love, love, love…

    agreed that maria’s kit on 2011 were toned down, and a bit simplistic… gone are the ruffles in 2007, and the bold lines in 2005…

    but i loved the colors of her dresses this year…

    what other player’s outfits you’re going to do marija???

  2. I was expecting for this!
    I love her us open night and AO dress, I also like her red and orange tank (IW) her us open day dress is horrible! and you forgot her cincinati outfit with the white tank and skirt 🙂

  3. marija you should make a ranking of the best dresses maria has worn. my favorite is the 2006 us open black dress inspired in breakfast at tiffanys. make the list please we can vote for our favorite and choose the best shatapova outfit ever.

  4. Phaura, I will do Jelena Jankovic and Adidas on the examples of Ivanovic and Hantuchova, Fila for Clijsters probably, maybe possibly even Zvonareva and K-Swiss, Serena too. I’ll see.

    Brenda, oops, sorry for that, it looks the same as the dress.

    Cica, nice idea. However, I’m having a technical problem with polls. I upgraded my WordPress and from then on my plugin for polls stopped working properly. I’m waiting for them to upgrade the plugin but I don’t know when that will happen. To do it without a poll would be less effective. I hope the technical issue will be solved soon.

  5. I love ’em all, except for the us open day dress and the istanbul dress 🙂 I can’t put my finger on the exact reason, but I think I don’t like these grey tones.. The US Open Night, Miami and French are my faves! 🙂

  6. Miami, Istambul and French Open are my personal favourites. I think Maria’s style was really interesting this season. Sporty but also elegant. It’s an A 🙂 for that !

  7. I also agree Maria’s designs are more sporty and they do lack that elegance from previous years. My favorite Masha’s fashion retrospective is the one in 2007 and 2008. There is no outfit this year that i don’t like, but on the other hand none of her dresses were that stunning. I like mostly her Ozzie open and US night dress.

  8. I really like the Istanbul one. I think my favorite dress that she’s ever worn was the Audrey Hepburn-style black one she had on the year she won the U.S. Open.

  9. Marija i hope you can fix the problem with the plugin very soon. so we can choose our all time favorite Masha outfit. totally agree with Van that dress was just so classy and in addition she won her second grand slam title in it!!

  10. Cica, it’s not in my power, it’s on the plugin developers, many bloggers are having the same problem. But I hope the solution will come soon.

    Jacob, and you got one of the dresses! 🙂


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