Petra Kvitova exhausted after glamming up for Czech “iSport”


Adding modeling to your biography is a must when you reach tennis heights. Some players enjoy that part of the job more than the others. The 2011 Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova, recently honored by the ITF world champion title, had a modeling experience last month and it sucked the energy out of her.

The 21-year-old Kvitova had her hair and makeup done for a photo spread in iSport in her native Czech Republic and after the experience she realized that tennis racquet will remain her work tool of choice, designer clothes will be put aside.

Kvitova was exhausted after hours of posing and preparations for the photo shoot and realized that it lasted longer than a tennis match.

It does not seem it, but to hold some poses and set [oneself] as a photographer wants is quite challenging. I must say that the role of tennis players I like more than the role of models.

The Czech was wearing dresses from designer Steilmann. You can see the full photo shoot here. (source:


  1. The picture sounds pretty good to me! I don’t know anything about fashion but she looks really great. Ace!

    I’m not sure about Petra in 2012. A lot of people says that she will grab #1 spot and so on. Perhaps. But her most dangerous opponent is herself. She can be completely out of control in both sense: way too good, way too catastrophic. I’m expecting a lot of ups and downs for her.

  2. Nice photoshoot! She needs to ask Ana for some tips on how to be really good at this, lol.
    Gregoire, I agree with what you have said. Kvitova can be really good but also real mess no matter what the occassion is. She’s really close to no.1 spot but I don’t think Caro is so keen to give that up :-). So maybe a new rivalry, finally.

  3. Hmm, I agree with you guys in that Kvitova can be a streaky player…..however, I think she turned a huge corner by winning the WTA Championships.

    I think this showed that she is a serious force in the game, and not just content with her one slam.


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