The 2011 look at Jelena Jankovic’s fashion partnership with Anta


Jelena Jankovic is the leader of Chinese presence in the world of tennis fashion and her clothing sponsor Anta made a small revolution in the beginning of 2009 when they converted the Reebok-clad Jankovic into their representative, while she was on top of the world rankings. So Anta showed great management in exposing the brand to the tennis world, but how great are they in making clothes for the women’s tennis market? Let’s see on the example of JJ’s dresses in her third year of cooperation with Anta.

It’s a known fact that Jankovic is all about glitter, vibrant colors and weird patterns, and some atypical designs can work only on her, more precisely, only on her personality. That said, do you think Anta matched JJ’s potential to the full?

Initially Anta was mostly labeled as looking kind of cheap. After three years, do you think they’ve improved? It’s hard for me to say, but I can give a small “yes”. Or maybe now that JJ’s ranking has dropped our expectation are lower? 😛

I give huge thumbs up for Anta investing in accessorizing the world No.14 Jankovic. They’re making her outfits a whole package, just like Nike is doing for their top athletes like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, and the below Rolland Garros look is a perfect example.

The Roland Garros dress beautifully matched the unique bag and that outfit would be my favorite of the year. Do you agree?

The more Anta is present in the tennis world the more I appreciate the variety it brings. Nike and Adidas are all over the place and rare brands squeezing in the market do bring a different perspective and a breath of fresh air.

For a complete picture of Jankovic and Anta, check out their designs from the previous years:

Also, remind yourselves of how JJ looked during the Reebok days in 2008.

Make your final judgement in the comments. How did JJ look in 2011? What was your favorite Anta dress in 2011? (photos: SkySports, uristilman, sr_cranks, chascow, jelenajankovicsite, Wimbledon, Fiji Water, Precious Dream, Zimbio, Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I wasn’t too impressed by JJ’s outfits this year, she’s been wearing similar design, just in different colors, since Charelston. But, on the other hand, none of these outfits were… too much JJ style.:D My favorite is also RG dress, especially because of the bag. :)And Beijing and IW are cool.:)

  2. I really have to say I liked her outfits very much! Aspecially her yellow US-Open/Toronto-dress and her green Australian-Open dress were great!

    I think it’s to early to say how Anta’s future will look like. But their designs are great and if they can make other WTA-stars wearing their dresses, they have a good basis.

    I am a big fan of Anta! Let’s see! I hope they’ll make it!

  3. I love the Charleston and RG outfits. They are so original. Other than that, it’s typical ANTA…like a canary. But I’m used to it now with JJ. In Reebok she looked quite boring.

  4. I love the RG and the yellow dresses (last year’s yellow dress is my Anta favorite!)

    JJ suits Anta well, better than the chinese Shuai Peng.. but I guess the two are too different..

  5. I like Jankovic in Anta. I think Jankovic has one of the best bodies on the WTA tour so just about anything would look nice on her. Anta on the other players, including many of the Chinese players, isn’t impressive.

  6. I liked Jelena’s outfits in 2011. My favourite was definitely the green one she wore during the clay court season as it was something a bit different.


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