Nike clothes for Serena Williams in 2011


We can’t leave out Serena Williams from our yearly fashion retrospections despite her appearing on the tennis courts only in the middle of the season. The Nike team was eagerly preparing dresses for the 13-time Grand Slam champion even for the tournaments she skipped due to illness and injury – like the white and blue dress for the Australian Open and the Summer Smash Knit dress for Roland Garros.

The season for Serena started in June at Eastbourne and the American finally gave justice to Nike’s efforts, promoting her pink ruffle dress intended for the grand stage of Roland Garros.

Serena was trying to defend her Wimbledon title in a deep V-neck dress with black accenting lines. The outfit was complete with a stylish accompanying jumper in the length of the dress.

During the US Open Series of tournaments Serena wore a simple elbow length sleeve shirt in green and a nice sporty black skirt.

For the US Open Nike always prepares day and night outfits for its biggest stars and this year by reaching the final Serena had plenty of occasions to give both her dresses exposure. The great tennis event in New York inspired Nike to cloth Serena, as an all-American athlete, in red and blue.

To have a complete picture of the 2011 Nike tennis looks, check out our retrospections of Maria Sharapova‘s dresses and Petra Kvitova‘s sporty two-piece outfits. However, if you enjoy some extravagance, explore what Serena’s sister Venus wore on the courts in 2011.

In addition, we already know how Serena will look at the 2012 Australian Open!

Do you like Serena’s style? Which 2011 dress is your favorite? I would pick the Wimbledon dress with the nice jumper. (photos: Liannedijkhuizenciac123© Neal Trousdale, tennis buzz, iShot71)


  1. loved what she wore in the USO series marija…

    uber chic… very feminine… simple…

    her whole outfit, the green shirt with 3/4 sleeves looked perfect with her long curled hair…

    wish serena wore somehitng like that next year…

    so refreshing to see serena with that outfit…

    what’s your fave marija???

  2. Serena’s attire is once again some of the best on the tour! I would have loved to have seen the AO Marilyn Monroe dress, it would have looked fierce on Serena! I really liked all of dresses and everything worked well. The green was a nice change from the blues and pinks etc. we often see most of the tour in, however I think the RG/Eastbourne outfit was the nicest. And as always Serena’s dresses seem to be getting nicer with her age. You can see the improvements since your beginning of the retrospections!

  3. Phaura, I mentioned it in the article, my favorite is the Wimbledon dress, but I liked all Seren’s 2011 looks.

    Sam, it’s so cool now that quite a few of my retrospections have piled up so we can have a clear insight into the previous years. 🙂

  4. I didn’t liked her French open dress, it was too pink and girly for my taste. The others were cool. My favourite is the Wimbledon dress.:)

  5. My favorite Serena outfit of all time is the Eastbourne outfit. I liked the colors and the dress was athletic and feminine. I also loved the simple black skirt with the double white rings for the US Open Series.

  6. I love the RG/Eastbourne dress and the wimbledon dress the most. I didn’t like the colors of the US Open dresses and the Australian open dresses didn’t impress me either.. There’s something with the sleeves of that dress 🙂


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