Kim Clijsters and Svetlana Kuznetsova representing Fila during its 100th anniversary year


In the 2011 fashion retrospections we have included major brands such as Nike (in several perspectives – on Maria Sharapova, Petra Kvitova, Serena Williams), Adidas on Daniela Hantuchova and Ana Ivanovic and on Andrea Petkovic, Lacoste on Samantha Stosur, Anta on Jelena Jankovic and Stella McCartney on Caroline Wozniacki, and now we’re going to have a close look at Fila as worn by their brightest stars Kim Clijsters and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Even though the Fila clothes themselves are not on top of my list when it comes to tennis fashion, I cannot imagine any other brand looking better on Clijsters and Kuznetsova. Therefore, I’m a huge fan of Fila and the way they nurture the vintage sporty look.

Fila doesn’t experiment with ruffles, layers, glitter, dizzy patterns, etc. They like to keep designs traditionally athletic, meant primarily to cover your body so that you can play freely, without thinking whether some part of a dress would fall off (problems you would definitely face with Venus Williams’ EleVen line).

As you can see, all the shirts, tanks, skirts and dresses are very classic, especially when it comes to cuts.

Fila did make some experiments with colors and patterns this year, such as with Clijsters’ Roland Garros Monica Vintage outfit.

The Roland Garros ensemble was made for the celebration of Fila’s 100th anniversary and the inspiration was the outfit Clijsters received for Christmas in the 80s, when she was a child. It definitely was a refreshment and it will remain one of the most memorable Fila outfits.

If you compare Fila’s 2010 designs sported by Clijsters, there was nothing even close that exceptional, although, as I had mentioned, it’s far from a bad thing, I like Fila’s classic approach.

Now that you can see so many 2011 Fila outfits in one place, what do you think of their apparel?

Do you also appreciate their traditional approach to sports fashion?

And what do you think, who wears Fila better – Clijsters or Kuznetsova? I think they both wear the brand equally perfectly.

And now I will reveal which Fila 2011 outfit is my favorite – both the ensembles that Kuznetsova wore at the US Open – Fila Women’s Fall Pierluigi V-Neck Top and Skort. The Pierluigi collection also features two beautiful dresses with the same patterns, in the same color schemes.

Which outfits are your favorites?

By doing a Fila overview Women’s Tennis Blog is ending this year’s tennis fashion retrospections. Unfortunately, I haven’t found time to feature Bethanie Mattek Sands as I had planned and I am sorry for that, but you have to agree that there have been a rich variety of retrospections and you can browse through a complete list here.

(photos: stjkus, keidub, Upali, sushilq8, Mark Howard Photography, jgirl4858© Neal Trousdale, Tony, Dana Anders, Peter Tsang Chung, Unicef Open, Bucajack, REUTERS/John Sommers II, Pj&Githa, REUTERS/Anton Golubev)


  1. loved what kim wore on miami marija…

    the lines, and the contrast of colors… it’s just youthful, sporty and active… and engaging…

    the blocking also used is just an intelligent design…

    for svetlana… she looks okay on fila… but not otustanding…

    the best fila otufit i saw on sveta was the one she’d wore on 2009 wta championships in doha…

    talking about fila… (if i may marija), the best player i’ve seen this year is sam stosur… she was like an avenging power ranger… though people may not like what she wore… but it was sexy… black and violet with white accents is just a blod statement from fila…

    loved all the fashion look-backs btw…

    happy new year marija… =)

  2. I love Fila- it’s so classic and retro. My favourite are the one Kim wore at Miami, and the Svetlana’s US open. 🙂

  3. Thank you Marija for all great retrospections…Fila has so much colorfull and sporty clothes…they change it for almost every tournament…My favourite is Sveta’s US open outfit :)…i also heard that JJ will wear Fila in 2012

  4. I’m not a fan of Fila, because of the odd looking, not-flattering style.. But with Kuznetsova I loved the Auckland-style. And with Kim, I loved the Sydney outfit the most.

    I think they both would look better in the Nike outfits of for example Kvitova, or in Adidas like Petkovic… or.. perhaps K-Swiss…

    Marija, could you do a Lotto review as well? (even though it’s not one of my fav’s, like Fila, it’s good to have some overview..)

  5. Happy New Year, Phaura. I’m glad you enjoyed by 2011 retrospections. About Sam, she’s not wearing Fila, she’s wearing Lacoste.

    Dusan, JJ to wear Fila in 2012? Interesting! 🙂 Well, it can’t be a bad combination, although JJ is all glittery, an opposite from Fila’s direction.

    Liz, I’d like to overview each brand out there, but I don’t have that much time. Unfortunately, this Fila retrospection is the last for this past season. However, I do believe I made enough 2011 overviews, about 10.

  6. Dusan, yes, it’s sort of official since she was wearing the dress at all her matches, but I still haven’t seen an official Fila announcement, like it was the case with Stosur’s switch to Asics.

    Liz, at first glance Fila is too classic for what we’re used to from Jankovic, but it looks good on her, I like it. I’m sure JJ will find her way of accessorizing. 🙂


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