Tennis Score Tracker iPhone application

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A team of programmers made Tennis Score Tracker iPhone app to help tennis players, coaches, referees and spectators follow tennis scores via their mobile phones. Feel free to check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Would you like to keep track of your tennis match scores? How about sending match results by email or text message? Look no further than the Tennis Score Tracker!

Tennis Score Tracker is a mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Players, coaches, and observers can keep score of tennis matches, and send match scores at any time via email or text message. What makes this app unique is that tennis players can keep score of tennis matches while playing, updating match scores during changeovers.

Keeping score in tennis is very simple using this app. In just a few taps the match timer starts and scoring begins. If playing a tennis match users can set the score mode to game-by-game so that the score is updated during changeovers. If observing a tennis match users can set the score mode to point-by-point, scoring matches in the standard way. Scores can be sent via email or text message, or posted to Facebook. Matches can be suspended for later play if needed. A player roster, with details such as notes and player ratings, integrates with your existing contacts as an option.

Locations of tennis matches can be displayed in a map view so that over time users can see where matches were played, and to view previous matches based on location. Locations are displayed during match play based on location name, coordinates as latitude and longitude, or coordinates as degrees, minutes, and seconds, selectable by the user.


  • Score several match types (singles, doubles, Australian, Canadian)
  • Game-by-game scoring for players
  • Point-by-point scoring for observers
  • Post match scores to Facebook
  • Send text or email with scores to players
  • View historical match data
  • Ability to suspend matches during play
  • Supports Pro sets (for junior tournaments)
  • Supports a variety of tiebreaks
  • Edit historical matches or matches during play
  • Match timer keeps track of match time
  • Choose from one, three, or five sets
  • Stores player detail with ratings, handedness, etc.

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later
  • 3.4 Mb

Languages Supported:

  • English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese


  1. Hi! This sounds like a good app, but I have some confusion regarding the features.
    “Score several match types (singles, doubles, Australian, Canadian)”
    What does this mean? Are there different methods of score keeping in Australia and Canada?

  2. “Australian” and “Canadian” variations are informal, unsanctioned forms of tennis. I’m not sure of the origin of these terms or why they denote them using the country names.

    The “Australian” variation allows three players to play together by rotating positions after each serve.

    The “Canadian” variation also allows three players to play together, but with two players playing as a doubles team versus a single player. The single player can hit the ball in the alleys (doubles width), while the doubles team can only hit the ball in the singles court area.

    I’ve played the Australian variation a few times, when only three players are available, and had fun.

    See “Rule Variations at WikiPedia for more info:


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