Women’s Tennis Blog returns, last week’s recap

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Women‚Äôs Tennis Blog is back! ūüôā Sorry for this week of absence. I traveled to Brussels and I had expected I would be updating my blog, but access to the Internet was too expensive and complicated so I decided to make a short break. Anyways, there was only the Fed Cup going on over the weekend and Serbia and the Czech Republic became the finalists when Serbia defeated Russia 3-2 and the Czechs defeated Italy 4-1 in the semis. The Fed Cup final will be played in the beginning of November.

Let’s see what else happened this past week:

  • Kim Clijsters is still recovering from her hip injury and will skip the French Open.
  • Svetlana Kuznetsova shocked with a new haircut.
  • Jelena Jankovic is reportedly on a trial with coach Zeljko Krajan, who has stopped working with Dominika Cibulkova this month. Krajan is most famously known for his cooperation with Dinara Safina.
  • Andrea Petkovic returned to action for the first time since Sydney, playing the Fed Cup, but lost her singles rubber to Sam Stosur.
  • Caroline Wozniacki¬†released music video for ‚ÄúOxygen‚ÄĚ. ūüėõ
  • Maria Sharapova¬†turned 25¬†on April 19. Yes, just 25!
And last but not least, tweet of the week. Author: Wozniacki.

Reports that I said tennis players are underpaid is completely untrue. I am very fortunate to make a great living from something I love!

Referring to her statement in the Telegraph:

I think tennis players are actually underpaid, but I might be a little biased. I like to think we are rewarded for the hard work we put in.

Thanks for the patience, friends. From tomorrow I‚Äôll resume normal posting. ūüôā


  1. Good gracious, Marija, I was getting worried about your well-being, what with no reports on Serbian ladies so magnificently ousting the Russian matrons (moreover, on the latter‚Äôs home turf, if the erosive-whatever the host provided deserve any name, that is ‚Äď Ana, most of all, obviously having awful troubles with it in her first match). Anyhow, I‚Äôm glad my worries were misplaced ‚Äď just as I‚Äôm glad that Ana and Jelena pulled this one off, and in style (in spite of Sveta‚Äôs stylish new haircut and general Tarpischev‚Äôs trusty old solemn act of grave wisdom). Cheers.

  2. Nice comment/link, Gregoire. Most people, though, don’t care about being fair (hélas), but that does not mean you (or I, or the next person) should stop caring, or reminding them. Bon courage!

  3. nice to have the blog back, I was starting to wondering what was up ūüėČ And how was your trip to Brussels? I hope you had better weather than this god awfull nightmare we have in Paris!

    As for tennis news, France managed to stay in 2nd division thanks to Razzano and Parmentier. And Bartoli definitively lost her battle with french tennis federation, who refused her the possibility to play in London (yep, she was still hoping that by some miracle she’d be able to go there even without consent of French captain Escude). But french minister of sport confirmed some time ago that it’s over for her.

  4. I have to say that I thought you were probably a bit ‚Äėtired‚Äô of celebrations of Serbia‚Äôs victory ūüėõ
    I am very intrigued to see how will they do in the final. If the tickets won‚Äôt be too expensive maybe I‚Äôll go and you‚Äôre surely will be reading about in on Tennis notebook ūüėČ

  5. Tulp, I‚Äôm sorry I made you worry. I‚Äôm usually more responsible. ūüôā

    Gregoire, but still it‚Äôs funny! ūüôā

    Maggie, my trip to Brussels was awesome, just that the weather was bad and I brought spring clothes, but oh well… I managed.

    James, I’m also looking forward to the excitement of the Porsche tournament.

    Marine, it’s great to have you as a first-hand reporter, I definitely hope that you will go.


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