Infographic for Serena vs. Agnieszka Wimbledon final


Infographics seem to be the latest trend and the WTA Tour has joined the wagon. We have already made our preview of the Wimbledon women’s singles final between Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska, but this illustrated version is also nice to see. Notice that Serena has played 25 more games than Radwanska to reach the final, but also, the 13-time Grand Slam champion hit 98 winners more than the Pole and 71 aces more!

Additional info: Radwanska has been suffering from a respiratory illness, which caused her to cancel her today’s presser, but now I’ve read it on Reuters that Radwanska is feeling good on the court despite not being able to speak away from the court, so I don’t expect her to withdraw from the final due to the breathing problems.


  1. I think she’d have to be on her deathbed to withdraw 😉 She was already sick during quarterfinal and the match with Kirilenko certainly didn’t help, so many hours of constant pressure and waiting, the rain… I’m very, very curious about tomorrow match, sure Serena is a favorite, her service it’s not simply a weapon, it’s a nuclear weapon (85 aces?! how is that even possible?!). But Aga, when concentrated and determinated, also has some weapons of her own. We’ll see, but I’m rooting for Aga 🙂
    Btw, I always thought that Serena was much taller!

  2. The difference in aces just leaps off the page. That serve is so beautiful. And it shows how important consistency and placement are.

    Venus has a much more faster serve, but it likes consistency. CPP is the way to win at tennis. Consistency, placement and then power. Radwanska can beat Serena at consistency. She can compete with placement. The power is what she lacks. But if Serena’s serve falls off and she’s not hitting her angles, Radwanska could frustrate her.

  3. If Radwanska has issues with her health(respiration) then she deserves to win the womens wimbledon 2012


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