Hilarious childhood photos of the Radwanska sisters


Agnieszka and Urszula Radwanska have the most entertaining childhood photos among tennis players! The sisters were so cute and hilarious. All the photos, and there are almost 100 of them in the gallery on the Radwanska team website, exude the energy of fun.

From wearing the oversized clothes to putting their tiny feet in the Wilson ball packaging, the Polish sisters never ran out of ideas for having a good time.

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Photographs of the big sis, Agnieszka, looking like an adult, sporting her mother’s shoes and even putting pillows in her shirt to appear to have breasts are priceless! Hahahah!

The little Urszula also had her silly side! 🙂

The little sisters were no strangers to farm animals as well. The above childhood portrait of Agnieszka is also awesome.

The Radwanska sisters (Ula is a year and a half younger than Aga) grew up to become the most famous tennis sisters after Serena and Venus Williams, whose childhood pictures we’ve featured, too. Agnieszka is currently ranked No.2 in the world, has 10 WTA titles to her name and this month she played the biggest match of her career so far, the final of Wimbledon. The 21-year-old Urszula is currently at a career-high ranking of No.48 and is yet to win a WTA title.

Thank you Tony Osborne and Magda Sawczuk for referring me to the pics!


  1. Showing early childhood pictures is one of the features I like best and the Radwanska sister’s pictures are really cute! BTW, I have started collecting pictures of my 3 year old granddaughter – she has an amazing overhead :).

  2. Steven Edell, it’s also one of my favorite topics on my blog and I’m very happy that my collection is so rich now, plus, it’s constantly growing. I hope to feature your granddaughter some day as well!


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