Gisela Dulko married to Argentine footballer Fernando Gago


Two years after the couple first met at the 2009 Madrid Open, on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011, Gisela Dulko married Argentine footballer Fernando Gago. Now around their first wedding anniversary, we’re featuring the lovers in our WTA Players and their Boyfriends/Husbands series.

The wedding took place in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, while the celebration with 400 guests was at a lavish Tattersal salon reception. According to our reader Luciana, Dulko and Gago first lived in Rome, while now they’re living in Madrid.

At the moment, the 27-year-old Dulko is in Buenos Aires, recovering from an injury and getting excited about the release of pics from her lingerie photoshoot, with bare skin stealing the attention from her Pantene hair.

The underwear brand is Selu.

P!nky, thank you for the tip, and Luciana, thank you so much for correcting my info! (source: Kickette)


  1. Marriage was in 2011. They lived first in Rome. Now they’re living in Madrid.
    And right now Gisela is in Buenos Aires recovering from an injury.


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