Venus and Serena have new boyfriends


Just weeks after we wondered about the silence in Venus Williams‘ love life, we have it pretty much confirmed that a new boyfriend is there, while in May Serena Williams said that past breakups and heartaches have put so much emotional burden on her that she’s not ready date for another decade, but there is serious photo proof that a romance with her coach is going on.

According to People, Venus has been dating Cuban model Elio Alberto Pis, who is eight years her junior, for several months now. The relationship rumors started swirling during the US Open, when Pis was there supporting Venus from the stands. The two were also seen holding hands and kissing in the corridors of Arthur Ashe Stadium. The 24-year-old Pis currently lives in Miami. He graduated psychology at the Florida International University two years ago, but is no stranger to modeling and he even posed with Venus for her clothing line EleVen.

Only four months ago Serena stated “I have given up on dating” and now she’s spotted in France, hugging with her French adviser Patrick Mouratoglou, 42, head of the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. Serena trained at the academy after her first-round loss at Roland Garros in May.

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Serena on Paris and Patrick:

I have a place there. I’ve been kind of almost living there a lot. I found a great facility and I know Patrick and he’s a great guy. I loved working with him while I was in Paris.

Serena’s hand in his back pocket suggests that this is not just a rumor. However, the strangest thing here is that Patrick is married, as Beyond the Baseline reports.


  1. Serena denies the relationship on Twitter, but I don’t know how you can interpret the photos differently.

    Serena: “Dear camera man in Milan please stop following my around! Your pictures will have people assuming false things!!!! Ugh #OverIt”

  2. serena should leave the married guy alone he isn’t much better than her once u get married u should respect that commitment & leave those other chicks alone .

  3. Donna, maybe he should leave Serena alone since he is married. He has a commitment/obligation to his wife and Serena does not. Let us stop allowing these married cheaters get a free ride and start placing blame where it belongs – on the husband and not the other woman.

  4. I think Patrick and his wife have an agreement. In the psychology of learning, an emotional involvement between student and teacher is important. He earns only as long as she wins, so he MUST give as much emotional support as possible. I am sure that Serena’s money for fees enabled Patrick to buy wifey a comforting gift. After all, Serena is only in town for a few weeks and will soon be gone.


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