Nike dresses Sharapova wore in her stellar 2012 season


For the sixth year in a row, Women’s Tennis Blog is using the relaxed off-season period to review the on-court styles of our top players and brands. Of course, who else will kick off the series than our fashion darling Maria Sharapova. Let’s see what the Russian wore in the year that saw her complete a Career Slam and win the Olympic silver.

In 2012, the Nike-clad Sharapova continued her subdued sporty femininity. Glamour, layers, frills and popping details have not described the Russian’s tennis style since last year. Of course, Masha is still the most glamorous WTA player, but on court that glamour is toned down now, fitting the simple, everyday wearable category. There still are details in her designs, but you have to look deeper to find them.

White with electric green accents was Sharapova’s color combination for the Australian sun and it transcended to the indoor hardcourt of Coubertin Stadium in Paris.

At Indian Wells, the 25-year-old wore a blue dress with light blue scales on the sides and in the back, matching the color of the straps.

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Very ordinary red tanks followed for four tournaments, paired with simple white and black skirts.

For the red clay of Roland Garros, Sharapova surprised with a low-contrast black and khaki dress. I find the colors too dull for spring.

It’s hard to spot a difference between the Wimbledon dress and the Australian Open one, isn’t it? Both are white with lime straps. More variety would have been welcome. For the Olympic Games, Sharapova wore separates in red and white, just like in Miami.

The light pink US Open dress will stay in my mind as the most memorable Sharapova’s dress of 2012. For the big stage of New York the Russian fashionista dedicated a solid dark night dress. The 2007 red night US Open dress is yet to be surpassed, it’s my all-time favorite!

At the season-ending Championships in Istanbul, Sharapova sported a peach tank and gray skort from her winter collection.

Sharapova’s outfits are always spot-on, but I miss her more innovative designs. In my opinion, the 2008 season was her fashion prime with so many different styles – retro, ruffles, pleats, vests and shorts, strict lines, sporty, there was everything. Have a look at all the 2008 outfitsdo you agree with me?

As suggested in the article, my favorite 2012 dress would be the US Open day dress. Which of the above looks would be your No.1?


(photos: © Neal Trousdale, mirsasha, Ralf Reinecke, Tennis Buzz, mbevis, Ogre a Little Turtle, MojoTennisPics, ikesken)


  1. I like them all except the dress she wore in Miami and Tokyo. Her clothes this year have had clean lines and are very classy. She has come a long way from the cocktail dress look of black with long, dangly earrings. Even Wozniacki has given up her matronly look in favor of more flattering styles and colors. Thank you Stella McCartney. Close rivals for Sharapova in fashion are Ana Ivanovic and Dominika Cibulkova.

  2. i like all the outfits that masha wear this season.. but i’d go for the australian open and indian wells dress design..simple yet classy to look.. 🙂

  3. Mariel, all Sharapova’s outfits are always nice, it’s just that I prefer when she’s over-the-top glamorous. The advantage of her new style is that dresses are more wearable.

  4. I like all Maria’s outfits this year, what’s there not to like? My favorites are the Wimbledon, Tokyo and Miami one. 🙂 Sure, we all miss those shiny, glamorous dresses she used to wear, but lets get real- now she has her own line and those things are supposed to be sold. And I’m not sure how many people would pick a cocktail-dress for their training.

  5. My favourites are the Indian Wells dress and the US Open night dress. Looking back at 2008 you are right, her style then was at it’s peak. I like the simple designs she’s wearing at the moment but it would be nice to see something a little bit outrageous- it’s been a while! My all-time favourite would have to be the ‘swan’ from Wimbledon in 2007- classy but with a twist!! 🙂

  6. Mirjana, that’s true. The US Open outfit that I mentioned as my favorite is far from wearable in practice.

    Bróna, my all-time Wimbledon favorite for any women’s tennis player is Maria’s 2008 Federer-like style. It was so unique, on the edge and classy.

  7. I really liked the Aussie Open dress. The white with the lime accents was great with the blue courts courts. However, her Wimbledon dress was remarkably boring even though they were almost the same. The rest of them were also fantastically boring but clean cut and nice. The only one I did not like was the Roland Garros dress. The color scheme was just off for me.

    And omg Marija… howwwww on earth can you possibly like that travesty she wore at Wimby 2008?! Haha I absolutely hated that outfit! But we obviously don’t have to agree 🙂

    Serena next please??

  8. Zech, haha after the 2007 US Open dresses that Wimby look is my favorite 🙂 Though, we absolutely agree on the 2012 RG dress, I hate the olivy with black combination, especially for spring and outdoors.

    Serena will definitely be featured, but probably not right next. I’m working on Clijsters now.

  9. I like them all 🙂 But the most surprising one for me was the AO-dress. The lime green was very different colorwise and yet very chique and sporty.

  10. I like them all, she knowa how to bring an outfit! and she is a great player too! Good job Maria! Looking forward in 2013! Fighting!!! ~ ^_^


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