Off-season keeps Maria Sharapova busy making money


Two weeks ago we pointed out how Maria Sharapova‘s life is always full of things to be done all over the world, as right after playing the final of the WTA Championships in Istanbul she flew to Prague for an exhibition event. The obligations didn’t end there. From the Czech Republic she took a quick trip to Moscow to appear at an event with her sponsor Samsung Mobile. A short exotic vacation followed – destination: Moyo Island.

For a few days in Indonesia, the highest-paid female athlete in the world reminded herself of the pleasures of ordinary life. The Moyo Island villagers were fascinated by welcoming a Russian blond, while Sharapova was touched by the simple side of life.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter. This little kid made me laugh so much because he was looking at me thinking who are you and where did you grow your blonde hair! – said the four-time Grand Slam champion.

The presumably common lifestyle in the form of exotic vacation quickly turned back to large-scale business, when Sharapova paid her first visit to India to add another sponsor to her high-profile list of partnerships. Wearing a printed Etro skirt, on Sunday, November 11th, Sharapova went to an event in New Delhi with her new partner Homestead, a real estate company. What’s next? (via Maria Sharapova’s Facebook Page)


  1. Greed always needs more $$$’s, jeanius. Just as we always need more fame-money-glamour-fashion-love-affairs-and-the-rest-of-it to move us to even pay notice – or to place a comment on a blog supposedly concerned with (a) sport. Or: the hunger of the poor perfectly complementing the insatiable gluttony of the rich. Cheers, to us all.

  2. aye,she doesn’t need more money..but i believe she wants to accomplish something for herself..and these are opportunities that are presented to her so why not grab them since she can..:)

  3. I also see it as there are plenty of opportunities around her now (they will not be there forever!) and she’s simply using them. It’s like all the fruits are around her and it would be strange if she wouldn’t just raise her arm and pick them up.


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