The colors of Stella for Wozniacki’s 2012 dresses


Back in the days when Stella McCartney was clothing Maria Kirilenko, the designer’s recognizable style were outfits in subtle colors, the shades of grey, beige, white, light pink, and the like. In 2010, Stella’s first full year of cooperation with Caroline Wozniacki, until the very end of the season everything was grey, as you can see in all the outfits Wozniacki wore on the court that year. This season, the brand has fully departed from excess material and ruffles, in favor of clean lines, and the eye-catching red and yellow tones dominated the 2012 color palette.

It’s common for players to start a new season wearing clothes that closed the previous year. As the top ranked player in the world, Caroline Wozniacki opened 2012 with a light yellow dress that was my absolutely favorite Stella McCartney design of 2011.

The solid red dress was first shown in November 2011 in the Turkish Airlines commercial, but it saw its on-court premier at the Australian Open. Below is another look at the dress, from the Sony Ericsson Open.


2011: Fashion retrospection of Adidas by Stella McCartney on world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki

2010: Caroline Wozniacki’s first year in Adidas by Stella McCartney

2009: Caroline Wozniacki in Adidas Adilibria and Stella McCartney

Bright yellow was introduced in Stuttgart, Madrid and Rome, and in time for Roland Garros it took over the entire outfit.

Wozniacki was contrasting the red courts of Roland Garros in the color of sunshine.

A white tank paired with yellow skirt was a tune-up for an all-white Wimbledon.

*Retrospections of WTA players’ yearly outfits*

The Wimbledon dress had a patterned mesh fabric bodice and a flounce skirt.

At the London Olympics, Wozniacki wore regular Adidas in the colors of the Danish flag.

At the tournaments leading up to the US Open, Stella again resorted to yellow for Wozniacki, but a more subtle look was in store for the New York Grand Slam. A black racer-back dress with rose tan layer underneath adorned the Dane, although for one match only, as she lost in the first round to Irina-Camelia Begu. However, the dress got the exposure it deserves at the Tournament of Champions in Sofia, at which Wozniacki reached the final and returned to the Top 10.

Color-block skorts in blue/white/cobalt and black/white/neon pink with matching tanks were Stella McCartney’s fall 2012 looks alongside the black US Open dress.

How do you find Caroline Wozniacki in Adidas by Stella McCartney this season? I think that this year’s designs are working in Wozniacki’s favor much more than previous years’ lines. Are you also glad the ruffles are history? (photos: danpalmer, Tennis Buzz, sr_cranksMoo’s Tennis BlogLaurent Lecerf pictures, © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Amazing! Seoul and Moscow?s outfits were so cool.
    All the dresses were pretty, my favorite one was US Open’s. I didn’t like the tanks and skirts that she used on the first half od the year.

  2. The fall collection is amazing, it finally looks good on her. My favorite is the black US open dress, it’s too bad she didn’t wear it that much… As for the first half of the season… Strange dress (sometimes i like it, and sometimes not), and i hated those separates she wore, the color combination was awful (especially the Roland Garros one) and the top didn’t do her justice.

  3. I think this year her collection is nicer, but still, nothing special. I did not mind the ruffles that much, it was more about the colours which were a bit dull.
    I saw some pics of 2013 one it’ll be pretty awful one again. Amongst other things ruffles are back…

  4. Finally some McCartney designs with color, and which may actually look somewhat flattering, compared to those washed-out duds that always make her look matronly.

  5. Marine, you think the yellow and white and white and blue ones? I actually like them. Hm, I don’t see ruffles, just the skirt is pleated in the back. I will write an article about the new Stella dresses.

    Brenda, Mirjana, I also think the fall collection is the best thing Stella has made for Wozniacki. The colors and cuts are nice and they fit Wozniacki perfectly.

    Jeanius, I adored the pale colors of old Stella, but when Wozniacki became her representative those colors started looking too dull. Kirilenko wore them perfectly.

  6. I like the US Open black dress, the one she wore at the Olympics, and uh.. that’s about it.

    Stella’s best design IMHO for Wozniacki was the one she wore at 2010 US Open.

  7. it looks Good if Maria kkrilenko wears that. 🙂 Wozniacki is fat, slamless super huge forehead ..doesnt look good on her, she doesnt know how to waer a nice out fit. She looks old! Yah, she still a loserrrr!!! LOL


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