James wins a Top 10 WTA autograph


In the beginning of the 2012 season our contributor John Bolan wrote an article predicting how the year-end WTA rankings would look like and we asked you to join him, promising the reader whose predictions turn out the most accurate one Top 10 WTA autograph. You know that Women’s Tennis Blog always keeps promises and now the time has come to announce the well-deserved winner.

About 30 of you participated with Top 10 season-ending ranking predictions and the best predictor was James of Moo’s Tennis BlogCongratulations, James! Both John and me picked James (without knowing each other’s winners). It was not an easy decision between James and Justin, though, since they both got eight of the 2012 year-end Top 10 members right and both placed one player at the exact same ranking position at which the player ended the year.

Moreover, the sum total of the ranking positions that they missed was almost the same. What I mean is that, for example, Azarenka finished No.1, James gave her No.8, that’s 8-1=7, and I calculated that for all the players and summed up. In that respect, James’ score was 25, Justin’s 24 (which is one point better than James). However, it is only one point, and James was much quicker with his response, posting it on the same day the article was published. So, that was the determining factor.

Thank you all for participating! This was a fun competition, wasn’t it?

James, I will contact you right away to discuss which Top 10 autograph you will receive! 🙂 Congratulations once again!

Reminder: Here’s our contributor John’s comparison of January WTA ranking predictions to the 2012 year-end outcome.


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