Roses, geometric and art prints in Venus Williams’ EleVen 2012


So far in this year’s fashion retrospections we’ve covered Nike with Maria Sharapova, Fila with Kim Clijsters and Stella McCartney by Caroline Wozniacki, and now we’re proceeding with Venus Williams and her own clothing line EleVen.

Due to her autoimmune disease, Venus started the season late, in March, at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, when she relaunched EleVen and introduced us to her Spring 2012 collection with words “strong, simple and iconic” in mind, leaving the outrageous clothes behind her:

In the past, my designs were an experiment – a study. I wanted to have fun and go crazy. It was an extension of what I was wearing on the court. The Spring 2012 collection for EleVen, on the other hand, is more classic and more wearable for a greater number of people. I want people to feel they can express themselves with EleVen, no matter what their body shape is.


2011: Shocking EleVen dresses and wardrobe mulfunction

2010: Fashion focus on EleVen clothing line

2009: EleVen throughout the season

2008: All the Eleven outfits of the year

At her first four tournaments of 2012, i.e. until the French Open, the American wore her recognizable geometric print, shown in the first photo. She alternated the print on Geo Star tanks and shorts combined with solid black or white garments. There were also the clean lines of color-block dress with minimalistic palette of black, white and pale pink and an artistic print in one quarter of the item.

Geometry remained current through the French Open, as seen in the dress above, while at Wimbledon Venus didn’t experiment with acceptable level of color, unlike her sister Serena who pushed the Wimbledon rules to the edge with purple shorts and headband. Subtle elegance was Venus’ choice this time, which was far from the case last year!

At the 2012 London Olympics, Venus wore a navy dress with a gold EleVen logo, red straps on the back and white lines shaping the silhouette, and a top and skirt combo in the same color palette.

Embed from Getty Images

Venus’ style was spiced up with long decorated hair, unique nail art and bold makeup.

At the US Open Venus brought back the spring geometric pattern, this time in pink.

As well as the pink version of the dress from Venus’ season beginning.

Moreover, at the US Open Venus launched the EleVen Women’s Fall Rose Garden Dress, which she also wore during her Luxembourg title run (her first title since 2010).


Are you a fan of Venus Williams’ designer work? Do you like how her tennis clothing is evolving? In my opinion, this is so far the best year for EleVen. Her 2012 outfits are much more flattering then her over-the-top experiments in the previous years. (photos: Tim Schofieldfotostelefonorojo, renricks, RobynVC, Second Serve, mirsasha, angela n, matt. hintsa)


  1. This is finally a good change from Venus. My favorite dress is the one from the begining. But still, the best EleVen seasons for me are 2008 and 2009.

  2. As Mirjana said,this is a good change from Venus. This fall collection looks great,and she finally got away from that crazy designs from the past. Fall Rose Garden Dress is the best for me 🙂

  3. what a creative collection i love it.. always venus try to be more innovative and unique in her designs.. and it works really well.. best luck for next year 🙂

  4. EleVen always had interesting ideas. Sometimes they go completely wild – like with Serena black and red lignerie like outfit from Roland Garros few years ago, which combined with skin color short was a complete disaster 🙂 – but this year it was definitely good. It’s different from what everyone else is doing (no mistaking EleVen for Nike or Adidas, or – heaven forbind – Lotto) and I quite like it. For some reason, when I first saw the geometric brown one, it made me thinking about a giraffe 🙂
    But I’ve never saw EleVen clothes in a shop, only on internet. I wonder why …

  5. Maggie, you wanted to say Venus’ black and red dress? Yeah, it was horrible, but definitely memorable. And true, her clothes do have a signature look, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad, but this season mostly good.

    EleVen is still not so widespread. Also, they don’t ship internationally yet.


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