Overview of Serena Williams’ Nike fashion in 2012


Serena Williams maybe didn’t finish the year ranked No.1, but we can safely say she was overall the best player of 2012. Let’s see now how the queen of big tennis stages did in the fashion department with her sponsor Nike, which is clothing the largest number of big WTA names – just to illustrate, all the 2012 US Open semifinalists were dressed in Nike.

Serena Williams opened the year in a black pleated skirt paired with bright yellow shirt, shoes and headband. However, the very beginning of the season is never there to impress and players usually wear clothes that they finished the previous season with. Fashion statements are waiting to be released at the Australian Open.

*Retrospections of WTA players’ yearly outfits*

The American opened her Australian Open action in a blue dress with custom-made headband and sneakers celebrating Black History Month (here you can have a closer look at the special attire). The Nike Statement Dress had wide straps, pleated bottom and seams accentuating the feminine silhouette. There were also thin white accents on the collar and under the bust. In Miami she wore the same dress, although the color looks purple in the above photo.

Serena went to Charleston and Madrid titles and Rome semifinal in a solid blue long-sleeve shirt paired with black skirt and yellow accessories.


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2008: Nike for Serena in the Beijing Olympics year

At Roland Garros Serena wore a Statement Rally Dress in three shades of green. The item turned out to be one of Serena’s least promoted, as she shockingly lost in the first round of the tournament, her first loss in the opening round of a Grand Slam ever, in 47 matches!

At first glance Serena’s Wimbledon outfit looks all-white, as it should be, with just a touch of pink, but the American actually stretched the All England Club rules by flashing a purple shorts underneath, matching a purple headband and wristbands. The green Roland Garros dress was alive for only one match, but this Wimbledon one was put to good use as Serena took it all the way to the champion’s photo shoot.

I love Serena’s dress for her run to the gold medal at the London Olympics and Career Golden Grand Slam. The delicate pattern of the navy section, the red bra underneath and thin white straps flowing on the back look beautiful.

After a standard sporty look in the lead-up to the US Open, Nike prepared pink and navy dresses with lime contrasts for Serena’s US Open campaign which ended with the big trophy in her hands.

And last but not least, Serena crowned the landmark season with the WTA Championships title in Istanbul, wearing a classic, Fila-like combination of red shirt and super cute navy skirt.

Do you like how Serena looked in 2012? Which is your favorite outfit? Since I’ve been doing there retrospections I don’t remember any major misses from Nike for Serena. They choose good colors and cuts for her body. My 2012 favorite would be the Olympic dress, followed by the US Open dresses. Also, I love the Istanbul skirt.

Here you can see a list of all the fashion retrospections we’ve ever done on Women’s Tennis Blog. So far this year we’ve covered:

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  1. Roland Garros is definitely my favorite, followed by the Olympic one. Others are just nothing special in my opinion. But I can help but wonder, why sometimes some players wear the ouftits of the color of the court. Like Serena at the begining of the season – blue for AO and violet for Miami. Most of fans watch tennis on tv or internet, it’d be better if the players wore some contrasting colors…

  2. Maggie, I actually love blue outfits for the AO and red for RG. It does seem like an awkward choice, but in reality it looks really cool and you can see the players well enough.

  3. I loved the AO and the RG dresses the most. These colors are so beautiful and the dress fits nicely too. I also like the lime on Serena. In my eyes she had a good clothing season 😉

  4. Roland garros dress is the best one… olympics dress is adorable 🙂 and the year end dress looks so good on serena …

  5. My favorites were the Australian Open/Miami purple and blue outfits. The blue dress matched the Australian Open courts and the purple dress matched the Miami courts. Unfortunately, she didn’t win either event. Initially, I hated the Season Ending Championships skirt, but I actually started to like it by the time she got to the Final. I usually like Serena in 2-piece outfits. So I liked the Brisbane, French Open Warm-ups, and US Open Series outfits as well.


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