Retrospection of Dominika Cibulkova’s 2012 Lacoste outfits


It’s Lacoste time! So far in our retrospections of the WTA player outfits we’ve covered Nike on Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, EleVen on Venus Williams, Fila on Kim Clijsters, Adidas by Stella McCartney on Caroline Wozniacki and now let’s see what Slovakian Dominika Cibulkova wore on the tennis courts throughout 2012 as the most prominent representative of Lacoste.

In past two years, the most famous face of Lacoste was Samantha Stosur, but in the beginning of 2012 she switched to Asics.

REMINDER of how Samantha Stosur worked Lacoste:

Lacoste tennis clothes always have clean lines and not more than two or three colors. Collars are very common in their designs. If you are a fan of classic style, than Lacoste is perfect for you.

The creator of the Lacoste brand was René Lacoste, a French tennis player nicknamed “the Crocodile” for his tenacity on the court. The above photo from 1926 is the first known appearance of René with the crocodile logo embroidered on his blazer.

As you can see, the 15th-ranked Slovakian didn’t sport many different dresses in 2012. The Lacoste Women’s Spring/Summer Tennis Dress with ribbed V-neck, drawcord at waist and the signature crocodile applique on chest was on display at almost ten tournaments. The dress exists in white, red and navy. At the events where Cibulkova wore the red dress she sometimes alternated the navy version.

At the Unicef Open she wore the navy dress, but also introduced a white dress she subsequently sported at Wimbledon.

A pleated red skirt and the classic Lacoste polo were there for the Olympics.

Lacoste Women’s Fall Tennis Dress has a ribbed collar and armholes and deep button placket.

At the US Open Cibulkova wore the blue and white version, while at her last tournament of the season, the Kremlin Cup where she was defending her title, she wore the black and gray color-block dress.

Are you a fan of Lacoste? I definitely love how Cibulkova works it. My favorite is the first dress, the one sported in Brisbane. I like the purple touch on black and white. What would be your choice? (photos: Ralf Reinecke, johnnyraper, © Neal Trousdale, Tenis UniversalPiero Lopane Photography, mjh0, Tumblr)


  1. My favorite is the US open one, but all the outfits are nice and simple. 🙂 But what bothers me, is that Dominika often wears dresses that are just too short, i don’t think shorts is supposed to be seen everytime she makes a move.

  2. Mirjana, that’s not one of Dominika’s things.. that’s with almost everyone that wears Lacoste! And if they do wear “one or two sizes bigger” (Like Sam Stosur did, I guess) than it seems like an unfitted bag…. and what do you think of Serena’s outfits or even Venus’? Don’t they show their shorts every single time?

    Just saying…

    My favorite is the AO one. However I think all outfits look the same and are a repetition of each other. A bit too dull.

  3. Lacoste designs are no problem, they are as close-to-perfect as close-to-perfect goes. Cibulkova shouldn’t come near them, though; she should wear Fila, or some such stuff. Discussing Lacoste designs as displayed by her is tantamount to discussing the design of an XS-sized bra as displayed by Christina Hendricks (nothing wrong with any of the two, by the way: they’re simply incompatible). Want to discuss Lacoste designs? Look at Alizé Cornet, Elena Vesnina, even Petra Cetkovska (bulky, yes, but also gracefulness itself) displaying them. Rankings have nothing to do with designs (as I see no better reason than rankings for picking Cibulkova as a Lacoste “model”) – not for a good pair of eyes, anyway. On the other hand, rankings have a lot to do with sales, as Lacoste salesmen, targeting specific, national(istic), markets, know only too well, and gladly sacrifice optimal design-display in favour of profit, relaying on the obvious dearth of the fine-tuned organs mentioned and the equally obvious abundance of consumers’ “self”-identification, mentioned as well. For, after all, and to end on a cheerful note: we are spirits in the (crocodile-infested) material world, aren’t we.

  4. I have nothing against Lacoste, i love their designs. 🙂 As for dresses that are too short, i hate seeing that on any player. And at the end, I think it’s players that choose the size, right?

  5. Mirjana, I couldn’t agree more! Why does Cibulkova have to wear these dresses so short? I love lacoste and own a couple of these dresses. They look great when they fit properly and dont ride up with every shot. I am taller than her and these dresses come to my mid thigh. I think she shortens them. Not a good look.

  6. But even if you look at the dresses on Vesnina… She shows off her shorts as well, so I don’t think it’s the problem of the players (in the end it is, because they need to make clear that the dresses are too short), but that the design of the dresses is just too short. They’re more like longtops. And if the bum of Cibulkova is visible… then what to say of the taller girls?! Cibulkova is around 1.60, so it’s not that she’s too big for her size or something…

    Here… look at the Lacoste page of TennisIdentity… with all different players: [link expired]


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