Ana Ivanovic representing Adidas Adizero dresses throughout 2012


Adidas on Ana Ivanovic – a must in our tennis fashion overviews. Overall, Adidas is my favorite brand and Adizero is their best line, in my opinion. Let’s see the dresses they had on display during 2012.

Ana Ivanovic opened the season with the pink version of last year’s Adidas Feather dress, while new stuff was awaiting its launch at the Australian Open.

The first Grand Slam of the season was adorned by a beautiful peach and red dress. I love the low-contrast color combination, the unlikely pairing of peach and red. Adidas took it up a notch for Roland Garros by combining the dark shade of red with lime, a very bright green.

The Roland Garros look is my absolute favorite of the season. I am a great fan of red clothes for the claycourt season, and the contrast with lime was just perfect. Besides the two versions of the spring dress shown above, there was also the white version with similar red contrasts (Adidas actually calls the color core energy).


2011 – Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova in Adidas Adilibria and Adizero dresses throughout the season

2011 – Andrea Petkovic: overview of Adidas Barricade clothes

2010 – Kirilenko and Ivanovic sporting Adidas Adilibria and Adidas Barricade

2009 – Dinara Safina wearing Adidas Competition line

2009 – Caroline Wozniacki in Adidas Adilibria and later Stella McCartney

2008 – All Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas dresses

At Wimbledon Ivanovic wore the Adidas Women’s Lawn Adizero dress with an asymmetrical neckline and an infrared line detail from front to back, which is on the right side of the dress and not clearly seen in the above photo.

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At the Olympics Ivanovic wore a white skort and a polo, resembling the style of Lacoste.

Super lively colors were in store for the US Open, while the design was similar to the Wimbledon dress. Besides the eye-popping colors, the graphic on the front made the dress stand out. In Montreal and Linz Ivanovic wore the pink outfit.

Additional info: We already know how the Adidas Adizero dresses for the 2013 Australian and French Open look. Quite uninspiring, unfortunately. Judge for yourself!

Are you also a fan of Adidas Adizero? For me it’s better than my second favorite Nike, whose best 2012 fashion representative would be Serena Williams Which Adizero dress is your top choice? (photos: Keidub, © Neal Trousdale, Getty Images)


  1. Anadizero is a compound hard to beat. Only Lacoste-designs, with some of their ‘models’, Fila with some of theirs, Reebok with, for instance, Amélie, and one or two more I am too lazy to remember at the moment, come near it (as Stella McC with the Woz-designs – although, I admit, improving lately from disastrous to bad – does not, not for a jot).
    Also, I’d be a bit more cautious, and a little bit less prejudiced, with discarding the Adizero designs for the coming AO: let us just wait and SEE, first; I, for one, have no quarrel with the colours-choice on its own, only some reserve about it suiting Ana’s complexion – but, at the same time, stand open to being pleasantly surprised. For, being a ‘visual type’ by nature, a visual artist by education and consequent work, I still had often enough been surprised by some ‘doomed’ solutions working quite, or even extraordinarily, well. There are just too many elements in game to be able to simultaneously keep in one’s mind’s-eye (albeit visually-gifted), if you’re not deeply enough involved in the design-process, as the people going through it all are – such as (besides the already mentioned colours/complexion compatibility): the environment, meaning the court-colour(s), the average lighting (daylight/night-lightening), etc. It’s not as simple as a lay-person (having his colour-, and/or colour-combinations preferences) imagines. And so: based on what I’ve seen, thus far, from the Adizero-designers, I can only say, to the person who asked for their dismissal on the linked thread: up yours, for you don’t know what you’re talking about – which, of course, is your democratic right.
    P.S. Lest I be seen as an adorer of the Adizero-folk (and going against the grain of the praise given to their red-peach design): yes, the colours-combination is thrilling… but, what about those heavy cross-bars over the small, tender breasts of Ana, Daniela… That stranglehold was as serious an (unintended?) bummer of the Adizero design-team as their bummers go: I hope they read this blog, and learn, as arrogant as this my comment may seem to them, or anyone else.

  2. I like the pink Adidas Feather dress which I accidentaly have 🙂 but I wouldn’t mind having others as well.
    Great post Marija! :-*

  3. I love all the outfits, but I think Ana looked best in the AO dress, and that Adidas should stick to that kind of design. 🙂

  4. These are okay and Ana wears them well, but I really don’t understand what everyone seems to find so special about them…. haha. I guess I’m just not an Adidas fan. They’re all almost the exact same design with minor detail changes and some different colors. To be honest, I’m tired of seeing Ivanovic in some pink or purple Adidas dress. My favorite, if I had to pick one is the US Open but there seems something cheesy to me about the stripes… I’m not sure why. Least favorite is Brisbane and Olympics.

  5. I prefer the fall collection, it’s bright and optimistic. The whole collection was a success on the whole. Classic Adidas lines are the best 🙂

  6. Tulp, extensive analysis 🙂 I agree, it’s always the best to wait and see, many outfits surprised us when we saw them in action.

    Dobrila, finally we know which one you bought! 🙂

  7. Marija, eh, we live and (at least some of us) learn. Keep up the good work, open mind, and, above all, your unceasing, touching well-intendedness.
    P.S. But, then again, we also are quite helpless against our nature, so this whole message of mine is actually superfluous – only a fumbled-up, complicated way of saying “you’re one swell person”. And don’t you blush now – unless you must, that is. Cheers.

  8. I just love 2011 US Open,2012 AO, French open and 2012 Montreal pink dresses, I really love the designs a lot ! really want to have at least one of them


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