How No.1 Victoria Azarenka worked Nike in 2012


Victoria Azarenka had a stellar start of the 2012 season with 26 straight matches won, including four titles, one of which was the Australian Open, and a rise to the No.1 ranking. Her tennis has never been better, but how good was the Belarusian in the fashion department during 2012? Let’s see!

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Azarenka played her first tournament of the year in the Nike Women’s Holiday Set Point Graphic items that she exposed en route to her 2011 Luxembourg title, Tokyo semis and the WTA Championships final.

New apparel was introduced at the Australian Open. Azarenka paired a blue Nike Women’s Spring Pure Tie-Break Graphic Tank with an open back and white shorts.

The same design was in store for the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, only that the entire outfit was pool blue.

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In Stuttgart and Madrid, Azarenka wore a tank similar in design to Maria Sharapova’s tanks in that part of the season. At the one match she played in Rome, Azarenka worked black long sleeves and leggings.

Azarenka’s fashion was in the biggest spotlight during Roland Garros when she switched from shorts to dresses. The orange Nike Women’s Summer Fruit Tie Breaker Dress perfectly complimented the red clay.

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The same dress was there for Wimbledon, only in white with the touches of blue. At the London Olympics, Azarenka wore the colors of her nation.

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Azarenka worked a black look with yellow wristbands and headband in Montreal.

A bright yellow Graphic Knit Tank and black Flounce Knit Skirt were Azarenka’s style for the US Open, while she finished the season in a gray outfit, a Holiday Graphic Knit Tank and a matching skirt.

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What do you think of Azarenka’s style? Do you prefer Azarenka’s classic sporty Nike look to Serena Williams’ and Maria Sharapova’s elegance? Did you enjoy Azarenka’s experiment with dresses? 

My favorite Azarenka’s outfit of 2012 was the US Open one. I love the screaming yellow tank with subtle shades. What about you?


  1. I think non-dress items of clothing suit Victoria better – it’s straightforward and down-to-business; which ties in well with her demeanour and game style!

  2. I love the AO shorts, love the Olympic red and green and yes love the screening yellow! Vika suits loud and bold outfit and color.

  3. I think she looks better in separates. All in all, nothing special, but i like her headband, it brings up some warrior style 😀 My favorite is the AO one. 🙂

  4. Azarenka’s playing style is good.. She looks better on court needless to say she is a perfect tennis player on court with stunning dressing sense which is very important for tennis player.

  5. Yup, separates are the best for her. She’s kind of a funky person, so shorts suit her too. However, I didn’t like the soccer-style shorts, so I prefer the other styles 🙂

    Wish I had her hair btw 😉

    Is there already any news of the Nike front for 2013??

  6. I think ausopen outfit suit her personality the most !! Look good on her, the shorts can show her loonngggg legs! She’s funny and special

  7. Azarenka’s playing style is very very good. She looks better on the court. She is a perfect tennis player with a stunning dressing sense which is very important for a tennis players. Keep it up!


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