The WTA fashion side of Australian Open 2013


It’s time for our traditional Grand Slam fashion overview! Unlike in previous years, we will start by looking at the less known brands that made an impact at the 2013 Australian Open and we’ll leave the giants such as Nike and Adidas for the end of the article.

German Mona Barthel followed her Hobart run to the finals with a first-round 7-5 2-6 6-4 defeat to Ksenia Pervak at the Australian Open, but she left in style, wearing a gracious dress from Denise Cronwall‘s 2013 collection. Cronwall’s designs are always feminine and romantic and even though this dress doesn’t have the designer’s signature lace and flower patterns, the wavy seam brings about the recognizable elegant feel.

Another young star Camila Giorgi also had a brief appearance at Melbourne Park, but as always she engraved her fashion mark with a colorful and cheerful outfit that perfectly complements her age and beauty.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Venus Williams is slowly spreading her line and is not the only one wearing her clothes on the tennis courts any more. World No.166, former No.25, Jarmila Gajdosova switched from Lacoste to EleVen and proudly sported the peach and white Oh&Oh tank and a matching skirt. Venus herself is working a dress with watercolor print and thin black contrast binding at the bust, waistline, and shoulders.

Compare Australian Open fashion from previous years:

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Two more fashion switches at this Australian Open are Julia Goerges, who came to Fila from Nike, and Svetlana Kuznetsova, who replaced Fila with Qiaodan. Goerges’ Fila debut is all blue: the German was wearing separates from spring 2013 Center Court Collection. Notice that her manicure is perfectly blending with the outfit. Kuznetsova was also all blue, but a different shade of blue, wearing the dress of the Chinese manufacturer.

You must be familiar with the fact Caroline Wozniacki is no longer the sole representative of Adidas by Stella McCartney, as the brand has welcomed Laura Robson and Andrea Petkovic, and by merging with the Adidas Barricade line it brought back its former exclusive player Maria Kirilenko.

Let’s move on to the tennis fashion leaders.

Nike never makes mistakes with Serena Williams and yet again they perfectly reflected her style and body with this purple dress with orange details and orange shoes. World No.1 Victoria Azarenka is sporting a peach Nike Women’s Grand Flouncy Knit Dress, which is also available in ultraviolet.

Maria Sharapova is racing through the draw in Nike Women’s Spring Premier Maria Dress. The color combination is, strangely, the same as most Adidas’ clothes.

I used to be sceptical about the decision of Adidas to match grey and yellow, but now that I’ve seen the outfits many times, I’ve gotten to like them and I find them quite unique and refreshing. Above you can see Ana Ivanovic, Sorana Cirstea and Angelique Kerber sporting the same  look.

What’s your favorite look of the 2013 Australian Open? This time I can’t pick my top choice. All the items I’ve shown here I find appealing, except for Kuznetsova’s Qiaodan.


  1. One of the 2013 revelations for me was Agnieszka Radwańska making traffic pause slightly in her orange Babolat dress – which was a nice logical progression from the solid violet and cyan dresses of 2012. Then, when she got the white dress with the orange/red accents out, it blew my mind. 😀 She also posted up a picture of the new orange and orange/white dresses on her Facebook page, and asked her fans to vote on which one she should wear for the Sydney final. (I’m pleased to say she went for the orange, as per my own suggestion ;).

  2. Oj, yes, you’re quite right Mimi. I saw Babolat on her… Feet? Racquet? a few times, and I assumed it was all their stuff.

    Funny that, I remember the first picture I saw of her in January wearing that orange dress, and I was like, ‘Eh? When did she change to Lotto?’ 😀 😀

  3. I’m pretty much bored with this years fashion.. It’s basically yellow or blue. But I have to say Caroline looks good in that dress, and I’m pretty bored with how Nike dresses Azarenka. And Venus dress looks tacky to me, but at least Gajdosova looks great.:)

  4. Start with the best: Serena is by far my fave. Everything in this kit works for her.

    The oookay ones: Venus. I wish the colors didn’t seem so faded but I like the design. Vika, I like the colors a lot but dear God couldn’t Nike make clothes that fit her body more.

    Bad ones: Everything yellow and grey. I mean the designs really turned out worse for me than originally thought. Marija, how on earth did you come to be okay or like any of the pale yellow dresses?! (:

    Dead last: Mona’s dress. Like good God woman. Why? That dress doesn’t seem to fit well, looks cheap and NOT sportswear material. At least when Venus is “out there” her material is some form of sports clothes material. It looks like a cheap Halloween costume. Ew.

  5. I totally agree with Brenda and Zech. Vika looks really fat in that dress and the color is horrible, while Serena’s dress perfectly fits her body. If I were Vika, I would get angry with Nike for that!

  6. I personally love the color of the dress that Vika is wearing, but the design is boring,says nothing.
    I think that Nike creatives could do better.

  7. Marija, yeah the Adidas dresses are o-k. I just think that the color scheme could have been done much better if the designs were different and also if there were oh about 3,000 players in the draw wearing the exact same thing. (: Maria’s dress was just ew for me.

    I think the biggest disappointment for me though was Vika’s dress. Her dress is oookay. But I really like the colors and she really could have stood out and been one of the best if Nike fitted her’s better to her body. I would have also really liked to see her in shorts again. But oh well.

  8. Mary, just saw your comment. Hahaha thanks for agreeing! I mean I don’t think she looks fat at all, I just think her dress could have been fitted better. In fact, I wish a lot of the women like Ana or Daniela Hantuchova among others would gain a bit of weight. They’re too skinny for my tastes in what professional athletes should look like. They push nearly impossible image of body size in my opinion.

    I would also have really liked if she wore shorts again, but that’s just me.

    Marina, I completely agree with you. Love the colors. Design and fitting leave much to be desired.

  9. what was wrong with sveta’s dress? i thought it was a nice change-up from her usually more uniformed attire. you know,the shorts and tank combo or those narrow skirts she’s donned in the past. i’ve never seen her in anything flouncy before and i think that electric blue really compliments her always infectious personality.

    i do agree with the other posters on vika’s dress. i didn’t find it much of standout really. looks like a standard dress and that peach/fleshy pink colour washed her out in the bright aussie sun.

    i didn’t really care for the dresses from stella’s line though. for one they just looked a bit boring after all the yellow these last weeks but also i don’t really see how it’s anymore different than the formula they worked with for the main adidas collection. i am however happy to see they’ve expanded their representation though. wish it included somebody though that’s had a bit more success like kerber….but i guess she doesn’t fit their ‘model’ mould.

    i wasn’t sure i would end up like liking venus’ eleven range but it’s actually kind of surprised me. varavara and jarmila have looked pretty cool in their outfits and i liked venus’ dress last week.

    one player you didn’t mention though that i felt came into the aussie open with a marked improvement on her attire,was petra kvitova. that vibrant contrasting purple was really lovely on her and the shape was a lot more flattering on her figure as well the way that empire waist connected with the solid-coloured panel.

  10. Jim, Aga’s playing the Babolat Pure Drive, but for clothes and schoes she was always with Lotto (or anyway for a few years already, I do not remember her wearing anything else).
    I like the Adidas Performance (not sure which one of performance it is, Adizero? since Barricade merged with Stella…), the yellow/grey collection. Stella once more is nothing special in my opinion (although better than some of her past outfits), and it looked strangely similiar to Maria’s Nike.
    I liked Aga’s outfit, Lotto FINALY changed the cut of her dress…
    Serena had a great outfit (I especially loved the hair band!)
    But my prefered is the one you forgot Marija: Na Li. It was very classic, but thanks to the original cut and two shades of her purple skirt it wasn’t boring).

  11. Right as rain, Maggie… There’s this adage stating that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – but what it doesn’t state is that it takes an eye and a beholder to see the beauty.

  12. I had to make a selection in choosing whom to feature, to keep the article in reasonable size. For that reason I included only the biggest Nike representatives – Maria, Serena and Vika – and I left out Li and Kvitova. But that’s what comments are for, you can always add up to the article and share a photo 😉 Also, I skipped many more players like Cibulkova and Lacoste, Stosur and Asics, Zheng and Anta…


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