Sharapova dines in Japanese restaurant with boyfriend Dimitrov


Maria Sharapova is ultra busy with her Wimbledon campaign and side ventures, but she took some time to unwind with her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov and all smiles went to the dinner at a Japanese restaurant in London on Monday. 

The third day of Wimbledon hasn’t even started and the Russian already squeezed in the launch of her Sugarpova candy at Selfridges and the Maria Sharapova Social Channel, which will be updated with new episodes throughout Wimbledon, and not to mention the distraction of the verbal clash with Serena Williams on the eve of the tournament.

Moreover, Sharapova is practicing hard on the Wimbledon grass and, of course, winning matches. After passing her first-round test against Kristina Mladenovic, Sharapova today faces Michelle Larcher De Brito in their first meeting and has a chance to record her 150th Grand Slam match win. (source: The Slice)


  1. P!nky, I was thinking the same thing, he doesn’t look very happy in any of the three pics I’ve seen.

    They seem like leather pants, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Anyway, I love Maria’s look! White sneakers and leather pants – works on Maria!

  2. “He doesn’t look very happy…” Well, all things considered, how could he? But he’s still young, he’ll learn, by and by… hopefully, in time.

  3. everything works on Maria… 😀
    but I agree – Grigor doesn’t look happy at all, which is stranger ’cause Masha is laughing very hard 😀

  4. Not strange at all, Maggie, it’s in the nature of the majority of male-female entanglements: the harder the one laughs, the unhappier the other gets… if you know what I mean.(Oh, and welcome back, by the way – you’ve been missed, you know.)

  5. What a male-female relationships’ analysis 😀 You made me laugh.

    It’s nice to be back (and nice that someone missed me, you’re a sweetheart, Tulp) – I have a crazy time right now since I’m working hard on my thesis and my thesis advisor made me go to a not-very-interesting conference just so we both could complete some stupid administrative requirements, but I’ll try to be more present here 🙂 And I’m still very present at the womenstennisblog facebook fanpage (since I’m both a facebook addict and a tennis addict…). The only good point of the conference I had to go to, was that it was in the building with free wifi, so I was able to check constantly the wimbeldon scores. Not very professional of me and it’s not the same as actually watching the matches, even on tv, but still better than nothing (it was really quite boring conference…).

  6. Oh, Maggie, how shall I put it… Well, let me try it this way: I know that I’m a (mostly unnoticed) sweetheart, and yet your remark makes me blush… But, then again, it’s not really the point – the point is: don’t just try to, but do be more present here – it’s just not the same without your comments, you know.

  7. I love Marija’s expression in the first photo 😛 Can’t say the same about that outfit though… The good thing is that she looks so happy!!


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