Wimbledon fashion shocks, tasteful style experiments and classic choices


One of Women’s Tennis Blog’s signature sections is definitely the Grand Slam fashion overview and this fortnight at the big stage of Wimbledon we can see how the famous sports brands and WTA players made sure to stand out and provide something authentic within the limits of the all-white rule.

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Bethanie Mattek Sands started pushing the boundaries already at the Pre-Wimbledon Party, matching her colorful hair with a screaming yellow thin belt on an elegant white gown, while for her first-round match against Angelique Kerber she partially covered her crazy hairstyle with a cap and stood out with the eye-catching tattoos and unique knee-high socks. Interestingly, the American opted out from debuting Google Glass eyewear in the opener.


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Rising-star Camila Giorgi made a name for herself in the tennis fashion world at last year’s Wimbledon, wearing attractive lace separates by American designer Denise Cronwall, and even though I’m not sure who the designer behind her clothes this year is (Mona Barthel was officially wearing Denise this fortnight), the pretty Italian again made a fashion statement with an elegant high-neck pullover for warm-up, paired with a flirty skirt, while her tank top featured a colorful zig-zag lacing in the back.

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Ana Ivanovic sported a headband and a nice Adidas Adizero dress which you can see more closely here. Its blue and red US Open version is also a good combination of class and daring details.

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Caroline Wozniacki, the major representative of Adidas by Stella McCartney, wore a white dress whose primary focus was on the open back and mash details on the sides.

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During her short and slippery appearance at Wimbledon 2013, marked with three falls in a single match, Maria Sharapova wore the Nike Women’s London Premier Maria Flounce Dress, while her fellow Nike-clad superstar Serena Williams challenged the Wimbledon rules with bright orange shorts and the matching crazy manicure.

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Jelena Jankovic‘s dress is pure white with the little Fila logo being the only color feature. The skirt is pleated and there is a small opening in the back.

Agnieszka Radwanska‘s blond hair is growing on people as the Pole is working a fashionable and sporty Lotto dress.

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Home darling Laura Robson has reached the third round of Wimbledon for the first time in her career and she’s done it in style, wearing Adidas by Stella McCartney polo shirt.

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Venus Williams had a wonderful EleVen piece in store for her favorite Wimbledon, with stylish racer back, and even though the American withdrew from the tournament citing a lower back injury, the dress did see the light of the day on Johanna Konta.

 Are you overall satisfied with the white fashion of Wimbledon 2013? Who’s having the best on-court style?


  1. Caroline’s dress was the prettiest one. I also love the new Adizero line, and Serena’s and Aga’s outfits. JJ’s was ok even if she is one of the uggliest players of the tour.
    The most ridiculous was (by far) Giorgi’s one. So unfashionable. I don’t understand the people who like it

  2. I absolutely LOVE Denis Cornwall, pity it’s not avaliable in any shop here in Paris (or at least I don’t think so…), I’d buy it immediatly 😉

    Other than that it’s definitely Lotto that stands out positively (I think they’re starting to get better at this clothes designing thing 😉

    EleVen looks cool as usual, but I didn’t actually see it on anyone (Venus for obvious reason, but I didn’t see Konto play either).

    Stella McCartney for once is not bad – but I like more Laura’s version than Caro’s. Laura’s dress is VERY classic, Caro have a little too much of transparent/open elements – the female tennis player are wearing more and more skimpy outfits and while they’re usually have nice bodies, it’s getting a little ridiculous.

    I hate Fila (no surprise here, I usually don’t like Fila clothes – aside from Kim 2012 US Open dresses with stars), I don’t like Masha’s Nike either, it’s so… nondescript. I know that comparing to all other tournaments Wimbledon is always less “subdued” and it’s some charm in it – but really Masha looks like she put on some old skirt and top tank… So not like Masha usual glam-style. Serena is better, though in her case I’m always so fascinated with her game that I don’t really see what she’s wearing 😉 Her nails are fantastic – maybe a little too long for my liking, but the design is great.
    But why Wimbledon officials forced Roger the change his shoes because of orange soles and Serena can wear the orange shorts?

  3. The Denise Cronwall’s hight-neck pullover is wonderful and today I saw Camila wearing a white dress, really cute!!

    I think Denise Cronwall and Fila are doing really a great job this year, Fila’s design are sporty, fashionable and they also keep the classic style.

    Adidas is also doing well, the Adizero dress is very beautiful and I think the blue version is even better, but we have to wait to see it in action!! While Stella McCartney does not convince me…

    I really like Venus’ dress, too bad she didn’t play the tournament 🙁

    Instead I must say I was disappointed by Nike and Lotto… Nike’s dresses are nothing special and Lotto has copied Masha’s 2008 Roland Garros dress :/

  4. Haha, Brenda we have exactly the opposite opinions 😀 As they say De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est 🙂

  5. I love Serena’s nails just beautiful and elegent!!! as for the dresses of course it’s Eleven by Venus who is the best bcz its classy simple and creative in the same time…

  6. Are you blind? Camilla’s outfit is awful. Has too distasteful details. It is seems that in Argentina we have better fashion sense. Here nobody would use something like that.
    Stella’s dress is dreamed. It’s very feminine and well designed.
    I think that here you speak well of Denise only because once she gave you copies of her rags

  7. Serena is all glamour this fortnight … the way the mesh/see through tones works on her skin, the orange panty shorts, the nails, the hair … best look yet!

  8. Just want to point out that Maria Sharapova was wearing the same ‘bright orange shorts’ that challenged the Wimbledon rules as Serena is wearing. Let’s practice balance.

  9. Maggie, Francesca, I’m not sure that Denise Crowall is what Giorgi is wearing this year, I just said that she wore it last year. Mona Barthel is wearing Denise for sure and is the only player who officially wears Denise. I will update the article now to make it clearer.

    Maggie, regarding the orange soles, I thought the same thing. It is strange.

    Kim, I’ve alreadt done the 2013 French Open overview, here it is: https://womenstennisblog.com/2013/05/28/roland-garros-2013-who-wins-the-battle-of-wta-tennis-fashion/

    And here you can see all my fashion overviews: https://womenstennisblog.com/grand-slam-wta-fashion/

  10. I really like Stella McCartney’s outfits this year. I think they are the best outfits at Wimbledon 2013. Then also I like Ana’s dress too. I would love to see Venus’s dress in action as I didn’t see it on Johanna Konta.

    But then, the disappointments. I find Maria’s dress quite boring and I don’t like Serena’s dress either. It doesn’t look good on her and I’m not sure it’ll look great on anyone. So in my opinion Nike didn’t do well at this year’s Wimby. I usually am fan of their designs but they failed to impress me this time.

    I did not see Giorgi’s dress in action this year, but judging by that picture and some other pictures I’ve seen, it isn’t as good as her last year’s dress. Actually it’s too messy IMO.

    Lotto’s dress isn’t stunning or even near to it, but I think they’ve made enormous improvement to last year. Their outfits doesn’t look so cheap anymore but still I probably wouldn’t buy their outfits.

  11. Firstly, I just cannot believe what Fila put JJ in for Wimbledon. I thought they had been doing well with their co-operation so far, but it took a turn for the worse when JJ wore this dress. There are no words…

    As for the rest, Maria and Ana looked great (as usual). I loved the headband on Ana!! It was a nice change. It’s just a pity that she didn’t get to show the dress off a bit more!!

    I’m liking what Lotto are doing with Radwanska’s dresses, especially this one. Sporty but classy.

    I liked Caroline’s outfit a lot and Camila Giorgi’s dress was very pretty. She wears those designs so well.

  12. T. Franks, I know and I was aware of that when I finished the article, but the thing is that Serena is also wearing an orange hair tie, additionally accentuating the shorts.

  13. Bethanie Mattek Sands:Usual
    Camila Giorgi:horible
    Caro:the best look in the tournament
    Masha: nothing nothing special.very simple and boring..
    Serena:nothing special.
    JJ: mediocre
    Aga:why I see always same dress?
    Robson:very casual and stylish
    Venus:the best venus’ dress !

  14. You didn’t post maria kirilenko, I like kirilenko’s outfit its from adidas stella mccartney line.


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