Classy Maria Sharapova at the Porsche Design and Vogue re-opening event


In April this year Maria Sharapova signed a three-year contract with Porsche, becoming their first ever global brand ambassador, and on Thursday night she put on a stunning Valentino dress and Christian Louboutin shoes for the Porsche Design and Vogue re-opening event at Porsche Design Beverly Hills. Sharapova has always been the best-dressed tennis player, but recently she’s been absolute perfection, constantly.

Below the cut you can see Masha getting ready for the event, as well as the photos from the photoshoot for the luxury German sports car manufacturer in Manhattan Beach, California.

(photos via Maria Sharapova Fans)


  1. I’m happy for her. I personally have owned two Porsches. I almost bought a third.

    I therefore have some right to an opinion. :o)

    I love that Porsche is sponsoring ANY tennis player. Many professional women’s sports do not receive the kind of attention and sponsorship that tennis garners. For that I am happy for what Porsche is doing. Taken in isolation, their action in sponsoring Maria makes me more disposed to buying a Porsche than another car.

    At the same time, Porsche cultivates what I consider to be an unhealthy obsession with an image that their cars are for wealthy White Europeans. Fair enough. They are built in Germany! But last time I checked, there are a heck of a lot of Porsches here in the US.

    I just do not think it’s smart to continue to push the Europhile image if their wish is to expand their presence in foreign markets.

    As a Black American, it is mildly insulting. Remember, I OWNED two Porsches. I feel out of place walking into their dealerships.

    Knowing the history of Ferdinand Porsche and the characteristics of the cars, here is Petey Detruse’s top alternative women players to Maria that Porsche should sponsor:

    Serena Williams. The top player. Kind of fits if they want to be perceived as the top car?

    Laura Robson. Kind of makes for a fitting sponsorship given that 1940’s thing that happened. To be clear, Porsche sponsoring a Russian (Maria) is even MORE classy because the Russo-German conflict was far more ghastly, but my intent is to simultaneously contradict the tall blond obsession.

    Sloan Stephens. Easily the player most characteristic of the car itself.

    And last,

    Jelena The Body Jankovic. Because JJ’s impossibly perfect body provides the PERFECT distraction from the fact that Porsche designers and marketing pinheads have been deliberately making the bodies on their cars uglier in direct proportion to their price increasing!

    Now let’s get off this topic and direct our energy toward thinking about what JJ is wearing now and what she’s doing with her amazing body.



    Go JJ!!!

  2. Her hair does look nice, but it doesn’t look cut. The eyeliner helps a lot. She’s a cute woman. No question about it.


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