US Open 2013 through the fashion lens: best and worst dressed


When it comes to fashion this US Open has been nothing but the most delicious treat, from colorful and lively styles to fashion pits, the final Grand Slam of the season has been everything but boring! Let’s see who rose to the challenge in the US Open fashion arena and whose appearance made the spectators look away.

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Venus Williams refreshed the tournament with a floral EleVen dress and matching long purple braids, but that was not all. A close observer could notice long purple nails, one of them even adorned with a glittery bow and a huge ring.

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Thumbs up for Venus’ daring look! This time she pushed the limits, but absolutely in the right direction and on the best occasion, the fashionable and colorful NYC and US Open. The dress retails at EleVen’s official website for $104.

Venus got eliminated in the second round by Zheng Jie, but her lively style will surely resonate for the full two weeks of the Open and stay in our minds for the long time to come. However, not all the players have grabbed the fashion hit label. Let’s see who ended up in the fashion miss category.


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Eugenie Bouchard was wearing the Nike Women’s Autumn Premier Maria Print dress and as much of a style icon Maria Sharapova is, the person behind this design who would have been its main representative had she not withdrawn from the tournament, this dress is a mess. I find the print lacking in inspiration, as if they didn’t know what to do to make a statement and came up with the clumsy ink print.

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Svetlana Kuznetsova joins the wagon of tacky prints in her Qiaodan piece. The excessive color-blocking, openings and details are making Caroline Wozniacki‘s Adidas by Stella McCartney Fall Dress too busy for my taste and the sweat marks are not improving the impression at all. There’s too much going on with this piece, in every aspect and from every perspective.


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However, Adidas didn’t disappoint with all their pieces. The peach ensembles worn by Maria Kirilenko and Andrea Petkovic are much more pleasant for the eyes.

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The Adidas style worn by numerous players such as Ana Ivanovic, Flavia Pennetta, Angelique Kerber, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Sorana Cirstea and Daniela Hantuchova is a perfect choice for the US Open, if you don’t want to be too bold like Venus Williams, but still wish to take risks and push the edge. A perfect blend of energetic colors and extraordinary design. This look is available in a red dress and a combination of a tank and skort.

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World No.1 Serena Williams is working a feminine Nike Women’s Autumn Heathered V-Neck Dress, while world No.2 Victoria Azarenka is dressed in Nike Autumn Advantage Solid Knit Tank in red and a high-waisted skort. By the way, the 16-time major champion Williams is currently working on establishing her clothing line which will be called Aneres (Serena backwards).

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Fila‘s representatives Jelena Jankovic and Julia Goerges are enjoying the sea blues, the Serb in Fila Women’s Fall Heritage Ruffle Dress and the German in Fila Women’s Fall Heritage Print Dress.

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Agnieszka Radwanska didn’t surprise with a classic Lotto design in navy, just as Bethanie Mattek-Sands, who although incomparably more drastic than Radwanska, didn’t shock this time, as we’re quite used to this color of her hair and the outfit is nothing we haven’t seen so far from the experimental American.As you can guess, my favorite look of the 2013 US Open is Venus Williams, because she made a statement, refreshed the tournament with her fun-loving and carefully planned outfit and accessories which made us look at every detail of it. My second best is definitely the red Adidas dress/tank&skort worn by Ana Ivanovic and the company.
What are your picks for the best/worst dressed WTA players of the final Grand Slam of the season? 


  1. Lol, Voskoboeva has had some previous #fails too imo, so this lemon dress was refreshing.

    I like the outfit of Venus, but it’s too much for my taste. Eliminate the hair or the flowers on the dress, but both is just too much. I get distracted by all stuff going on. Just like with the very unflattering Caro dress… I’m getting the feeling that since she’s with Rory McIlroy she doesn’t look that good anymore :S (or is that just me?)

    I really like Serena’s dresses and the red Adidas pieces and Jankovic looks fine too, but nothing special.

    The worst outfit would be Kuznetsova… what the hell did that designer eat/smoke/drink when realizing (or even thinking of ) this piece… 🙁 Seeing Svetlana in a tennis dress already is something that doesn’t suit each other, but hey…

    Marija, you still need to add the Denise Cromwall outfit of Barthel and maybe the Chinese brands too??

  2. Aga has been wearing that design all summer but I think that’s a nice classic dress. Serena and Vikka both look good too. I wonder if somebody still wears Sergio Tachinni outfits just like Hingis back in the days…

  3. Liz, later my friend from blogging David told me that Kuznetsova is wearing rainbow as a political stance against the anti-gay laws in Russia. But the dress is a disaster!

    I will do Part 2 of the US Open fashion overview, as suggested by several readers! 🙂 This will be the first time that I’ll do a Part 2 of this type of article. Give me your suggestions about whom else to feature in Part 2! 🙂

    Maise, I also love that players are paying attention to their nails matching their outfits. And the fun colors are fabulous!

    PaulaCroft, Dinara Safina used to be their biggest representative, but now they’re not promoted on the Tour, not that I’ve noticed :/

  4. Personally i think this blog is all wrong.

    Absolutely loving Genie’s dress from the Sharapova collection! It looks great on her with the pink visor and shoes and its great that someone still gets to wear it.

    I’m also a HUGE Vika fan but this outfit just doesn’t suit her. The skirt is too long and the top would look nicer if it weren’t tucked in. I loved Vika’s shorts look and I wish Nike would bring back the shorts look!

    Venus looks like an absolute train wreck that has been dipped in multi-coloured paint! the braids are too long and the style looks all wrong!

    Loving Caro and Masha Kiri’s looks from Stella McCartney! they can do no wrong!

    Anyways, VIKA to WIN!!

  5. I would love to see Sharapova’s dress on Venus. 😉 And I prefer Serena’s and Vika’s look to the flowers. Just my 2 cents. 😉

  6. I think the best outfit is the red Adidas dress worn by Ana, Sori etc. Nice details and not too messy.

    The second one in my opinion is Caro’s dress and also rest of the McCartney line. I actually like how the dress looks on Caroline although I must agree with you, Marija, the sweat marks don’t look nice.

    I also like Eugenie’s dress, Jelena’s dress and Venus’s look. I don’t like her dress itself very much but the whole look is refreshing and nice.

    Svetlana’s dress is HORRIBLE but if it’s a statement, then I get the coloring.

    I also think that Nike is little bland this time. They should’ve done something that would be really noticed I think and not just play it safe.

    Yeah, and Marija I think you should definitely add that Lacoste dress, that for example Cornet is wearing, to your Part 2! And maybe Sloane…?

  7. I think that Venus’s outfit sucks. Seriously, I can not understand how you like it.
    I personally believe that Maria or Eugenie’s dress is adorable and I also love Ana and Makiri’s outfit.
    That dark blue piece on Caroline’s dress seems like panties. For me, this is one of Stella’s worst designs. It has many details that do not match each.
    Vika’s outfit is allright, but doesn’t fit on her.

  8. Holly, in previuos years I found Venus’ looks too tacky, but this time she took risks in the right direction. I think she looks fashionable, but I can understand those that think she’s too much. It all depends on the taste.

    Tenniz-fan, I agree about Nike. They played it too safe, except for Sharapova. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely feature Lacoste and Sloane! 😉

    Brenda, I simply find Venus’ outfit interesting and refreshing for the US Open, the most fashion-forward Grand Slam, but it’s not tacky or over-the-top or too sexy, IMO.

  9. Haha, just saw picture of Caro’s “space jacket”. 😀 It’s horrible. That’s a TOTAL fashion miss. But I still like the dress.

  10. Who dressed Gorgi? She looked fab. Loved the cut, the color, the trim. Couldn’t see a logo.

    Brenda, I thought Wozniacki’s bottom looked like a big blue were diaper–ugh.

  11. Irene Rose, Camila Giorgi should be wearing Denise Cronwall, just like Mona Barthel, although Barthel is wearing the designer officially, unlike Giorgi. Let me get back to you when Denise herself confirms this to me. I’ve sent her an email. I tried to find the outfit on her website, but there’s no that particular outfit there.

    Here is my review of Denise Cronwall’s collection earlier this year:

  12. I think it’s Venus’s best look ever! Her dress with rose prints is very fashionable. But I don’t like her hair and nails, it’s much. So, I told it previously,I don’t like Sharapova’s dress. It looks very cheap. And I think it dress designed in last moment!
    Caroline’s dress is very busy.Cause it have a lot of openings,colors and details.So, I don’t like it.But other Stella desingns are okey.
    Svetlana Kuznetsova looks horrible (again)!
    Adidas’s Adizero design is awesome! It’s very modern,fashionable and fresh.But a lot of player wears this design,so I don’t like it. Because seeing same dress every time,will be boring.
    Serena’s day dress better than night dress, it looks fresh and beautiful better than other. Vika’s combination is nice, but this look don’t suitable for her body. Fila is everytime same.And Radwanska, we want a new thing. Betthanie Mattek-Sands is looks normal.
    I think the best look of tournament is Alize Cornet’s Lacoste dress and accessories.You should add this look,Marija. It’s so elegant,classic and stylish.
    And the last, I have a question for you Marija. Are you play professional tennis? Thank you 🙂

  13. Irene Rose, I’ve just heard back from Denise and Camila’s US Open outfits are not hers. I know for sure that Camila used to wear her designs, but they have discontinued their cooperation last year after Wimbledon. Camila may be designing the clothes herself, or as she says her mother is making the clothes. The style, however, very much resembles what Denise Cronwall is making. Judge yourself.

  14. Laurel Wilder, I agree, the skirt is too revealing and the shorts is showing too much.

    Brenda, that’s true, but it’s a long story… She used to be dressed by Denise until Wimbledon 2012 and is now wearing the same style of clothes, only not made by Denise.

  15. And what do you think about Serena’s doubles outfit? Because personally, I don’t like that at all. The colors, the non-fitting training-like form. The skirt is too short….. How about you?


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