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Women’s Tennis Blog is always open to exploring new tennis clothing brands. No matter how great Adidas, Nike, Fila and other dominant names are, smaller companies also have a lot to offer and you can stand out with rarer pieces. After presenting you Denise Cronwall and Redvanly, now it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Athletic DNA, a tennis apparel company founded six years ago in Seattle by top collegiate players and professionals, dedicated to the journey of becoming a world class athlete. The American company has recently sealed their first women’s tennis sponsorship, by signing Lauren Embree in July.

Athletic DNA was very generous and sent me all the items of clothing that I picked, including one extra tank as a present. So let’s see what we’ve got.

From the Hoodies and Warm-Ups category I picked the above Legacy Half Zip, which is also available in black and a wonderful blue with geometric print. The jacket provides extra warmth and moisture management. It’s very think and soft, feeling great on your body. The zipper is secured, so it will not scratch your chin.

I paired all the tops with Envy Hot Short in black, which is also available in blue. You can’t see it in the photos, but there is a hidden key pocket inside the waistband.

My absolute favorite is the above Swift Tournament Tank, which Lauren Embree wears in the commercial. Helix Tech fabric provides increased breathability and moisture management, in addition to UV protection and anti-odor properties. The design is quite unique, especially because of the shape that doesn’t strictly follow the body line, getting wider in the waist, resembling a tunic, and plus there are quite a few accents in stitching.

For those favoring a more regular look, there is a classic Core Tank, also ensuring UV protection and keeping odors away.

The Athletic DNA products are available at their official website, while customers from Europe can make purchases at Tennis Warehouse Europe. In late September the company will release their newest line!

Do you like exploring smaller tennis brands or prefer sticking to the leading names? (photos by Marija Veljkovic)


  1. Masha2004, there are many nice smaller brands. Anyways, everyone who contacts me and has nice things to offer gets a review article from me, I try to be cooperative.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Marija!! 😉

    Lauren Embree is from my city – Naples, Florida!
    She is a young new pro player who played for the Gators at the University of Florida.


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