Nike dominates fashion at the WTA Championships, Fila, Adidas and Lotto squeeze in


The WTA Championships is where the best of the best players and big bucks are, but regarding tennis fashion, all eyes are on Grand Slams. Still, let’s see what the elite worked on the courts of the $6,000,000 event. Five out of eight players in the singles field wore Nike, while the remaining three were in Fila, Adidas and Lotto.

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Serena Williams finished off a dominant year by capturing her fourth WTA Championships title. The outfit that accompanied the American to the $2,145,000 champion’s purse, which made her 2013 season the third most profitable in both men’s and women’s tennis, was an ensemble including a light Nike tank with V-neck in front and low cut V on back with contrast strap and a matching Nike Women’s Winter Heathered Woven Skort.

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Tournament runner-up was also a representative of Nike. Li Na ensured a No.3 spot in the WTA rankings and the title of the highest-ranked Asian player in tennis history whilst wearing a grey pleated skort and a collar top in the color palette that dominates Nike’s fashion this winter.

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Jelena Jankovic enjoyed an excellent week back on top in two orange dresses by her sponsor Fila. One dress was bland orange, while the other one was more dramatic, Fila Women’s Fall Baseline Dress, with slimming color-blocking including pink, and an addition of black and white stripes and side pleats.

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Angelique Kerber was working a much-exploited Adidas Fall Adizero Dress, while Petra Kvitova made the semifinals in Nike’s UV Printed Knit Top and a corresponding purple pleated skort.

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Victoria Azarenka‘s outfit included a Nike printed racerback tank with a fixed wrap detailing and a raspberry red skort.

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Sara Errani worked the same tank as Vika, just the purple version, and the same skort as Kvitova. Agnieszka Radwanska, the only player with no victories during the week, wore a classic Lotto dress.

Had it not been seen a thousand times on numerous players, my favorite style of the WTA Championships would have been Kerber’s Adidas dress, but now I will opt for Serena’s cute sporty skort and a lively tank, while my second best would be the tanks of Azarenka and Errani. Who was best dressed in Istanbul in your opinion?


  1. Serena was my favorite. Nike seems to have figured out how to prevent her sports bra from peeking through.

    I think that Aga rocks the Lotto dresses really well. They seem pretty plain, but there’s nice detail which provides for nice movement at the hem.

    I am completely sick of the Adidas kit. Its a shame that they don’t make the same effort that Nike does to keep their players in stylish duds. I enjoyed the look at the US Open. But Adidas should have rewarded Angelique Kerber with a new kit for her October play.

    I find the WTA patch so distracting on Jankovic’s outfits. Otherwise, her look, and those of the remaining Nike players in purple, was ok.

  2. I love Serena’s outfit. It looks athletic and feminine. I usually like the 2 piece outfits that Serena wears at the non-majors more than the dresses that she wears at the majors.

    I agree with one of the other comments about Lotto and Radwanska. Lotto outfits usually look boring to me, but this outfit is nice, including the shoes. It looks very sporty.

    And I agree with the comment about Adidas. Adidas outfits look boring on the women and men. They look like uniforms to me.

    FILA’s outfits don’t impress me, including Jankovic’s two dresses in this tournament. However, I have liked some of their clothes on Jankovic in the past. It seems as if she wears that pink or peach color often.

  3. I seem to be only one here who dislikes Serena’s outfit. I actually think its’s awful and dull and in my opinion all of her non-Slams outfits are so boring(except in Miami she had nice dress).

    I like how P3tra looks while wearing a dark outfit. I also like Li’s classic look before those sweat marks… Seems that Nike has some problems woth them(remember Vika and her batgirl-top).

    And I don’t get one thing. Is the WTA patch mandatory or not? I thought it was but some players don’t wear it.

  4. Adidas really has the best designs, in my opinion, but far too many players are now wearing them and for too long periods. More variety is definitely advised now, especially because dozens of players are dressed the same.

    Tenniz-fan, the patch rules are quite complicated. As I understand, players can opt out of having it during matches but they have to compensate by wearing it in off-court appearances, etc. Everything is very strictly defined in the WTA Rules (page 101).

  5. Better a good design on thousand players throughout a year than a bad-to-mediocre one on few during a fortnight, methinks. (Unless one is a spoiled brat addicted to a daily shot of consumer’s latest cheap thrills, of course.)

  6. True. Although Nike’s designs are good-quality and fashionable, not really bad-to-mediocre, in my opinion. Still, I’ve always preferred Adidas, despite their fewer designs per year.


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