Overview of Adidas by Stella McCartney designs for Caroline Wozniacki in 2013 – domination of color-blocks, pleats and mesh inserts


This off-season Ana Ivanovic had the honor of opening our fashion retrospections with her few but extraordinary Adidas Adizero dresses and I decided to have another look at the German brand, from the perspective of Caroline Wozniacki‘s outfits designed by famous Stella McCartney. Let’s see how bright the stars were for the Dane regarding on-court fashion during 2013.

Caroline Wozniacki's Sydney outfitCaroline Wozniacki's Brisbane outfit

As usual, Caroline Wozniacki started the season with the ensembles from the end of the last season – cute and sporty color-block skorts in blue/white/cobalt and black/white/neon pink with matching tanks.

Caroline Wozniacki at the 2013 Australian Open

At the Australian Open and subsequent events the Dane wore a yellow and white dress characterized by pleats on the back of the skirt. The official name of the item is Adidas Women’s Stella McCartney Spring dress.

Caroline Wozniacki's spring outfit

The color yellow was present in all Stella’s spring items – paired with a black skirt for Miami, Charleston, Stuttgart, Madrid, Rome and Brussels, and then combined with blue and white for Wozniacki’s Roland Garros dress with wide adjustable straps, which the Dane also worked on the grass of Eastbourne.

Wozniacki's Eastbourne and French Open dress

For Wimbledon Stella prepared an extraordinary racerback dress with mesh straps at sides and a layered skirt. Quite a busy dress in terms of design, but since it’s solid white it works.

Wozniacki's Wimbledon 2013 Stella dress

A nice shade of blue combined with orange was introduced for Toronto, Cincinnati and New Haven with the Fall Tank and Skort. As you can notice, throughout the season Stella was inspired by color-blocking and in most of the items it looked nice.

Wozniacki in Stella McCartney blue outfit

The star of the season was Adidas Women’s Stella McCartney Fall Dress Ink! There was too much going on from every perspective – design, colors, sweat marks – and when combined with the space jacket, all you can think of is how to get this design off the Earth.

caroline-wozniacki dress

However, maybe her outfit was gross, but Wozniacki claimed her first title of the season in it, at the very last tournament she played – the Luxembourg Open.

Caroline Wozniacki's US Open dress 2013Caroline Wozniacki's Stella jacket

All in all, when we look at the entire year, Stella McCartney did a good job with Adidas, but the trouble is that I don’t think anyone can get this last color-block dress out of their minds and not to mention the space jacket, so it puts a very dark shadow over the entire Stella’s tennis fashion season. I hope Wozniacki will not wear it at the start of 2014! Your thoughts? (photos: ©Neal TrousdaleTennis Buzz, JJ Tennis, Moo’s Tennis Blog, sr_cranks)


  1. Stella’s designs are always my favorites. This year her best job was at Roland Garros, but I also love the two pieces outfit that Wozniacki wore during the US Open Series. Wimbledon’s dress was also awesome.
    Maybe because of that miss at the US Open that I think that in 2013 adidas regular line was better than Stella’s one.

  2. I like the AO dress the most. It just fits Caro perfectly and makes her look very athletic and strong. The Wimbledon was was a great success, too. Those are my top-2.

    At first, I actually liked the USO dress. It looked nice back then. But now I find it quite weird and the “diaper” part of the dress is not very nice. Add the sweat marks to that. AND the jacket.

    Well, at least Caro did fairly well in that dress. That’s the positive note. I wonder what’s in store for her in 2014.

    “when combined with the space jacket, all you can think of is how to get this design off the Earth.” Haha, loved that, Marija! 😀

  3. I like the AO dress, it fits Caro very well. What if Stella dress Ana and Caro wears Adizero for 2014, how could that go? Very interesting!

    Amazing work, Marija! As always.

  4. Brenda, I also think highly of Stella as a designer, but she got too carried away with designs this year. I agree, the RG dress was innovative but still standardly good and Wimbledon dress brought that edge but was not over the top.

    Tenniz-fan, haha thanks, I was inspired! 🙂

    Ozzie, you mean that Caro joins Adizero? Adizero is wonderful, it looks good on everyone. And I’m glad you like my overviews, they are quite time-consuming but also fun to do 🙂

  5. No I think ozzie wants Ana to get dressed by Stella and that Caro joins the Adizero group…. If Ana gets her twist into the Stella designs this could workout, but she’s the flagship player of the Adizero line, so… I don’t think they would make the switch.

    Anyway, my favorites – and I am very picky this year, with all brands – are the AO dress, the Wimbledon dress and the Miami set. The last one is very plain and basic though, but it worked quite well.

    I don’t like the tanks tucked in the skirts, so the Sydney/brisbane sets are not in my favorite list. But by far the USO dress and space jacket are the worst of the season. There’s just too much going on :S

  6. Personally I think the first Stella’s designs were really better than the last collection, but on the other side she had to adapt her work with Caro’s fisicity, doing all in all a good job, with the result that the last collections are less fashionable and more technical… I like the Sydney and Brisban skirts and tanks, really cute, modern and sporty, but for the rest, specially the dresses, this collection doesn’t convince me! Not mentioning the space jacket… it’s simply uhg! 🙂

  7. Liz says: “There’s just too much going on”. Well, there’s *always* too much going on in SMc’s designs – because there’s too much self-centred ‘creativity’ in them. (But, then again, I imagine it’s not quite easy being an over-privileged/under-talented child of a ‘celebrity’, having to prove oneself worthy of them privileges… Though, erm, I, just as anyone, might be wrong, of course.)

  8. WOW I loved Stella´s job this year;since the Us Open 2012 at date she create lovely things in my opinion, plus there are a few more girls on the brand to (hopefully you make an overview to Marija :)and there is great colors and more desingns per year (Adidas Adizero should take note.
    I really like everything

  9. I think this is the best year when it comes to Caro and Stella- I liked all the outfits, except for that US open dress (too many things going on there). My favorites are the separates worn at the US open series. 🙂

  10. Marina, I’ll have to disappoint you :/ I’ll probably not overview other players from Stella, there are a lot of other brands left to cover.


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