Masha’s simple, sporty and subtle styles of 2013


When I think of tennis fashion, I think of Maria Sharapova and hence it was about time I included her in my 2013 fashion retrospections, having already covered Adidas Adizero on Ana Ivanovic and Stella McCartney on Caroline Wozniacki. Off the court, the Russian is definitely and by far the best-dressed WTA player, while her on-court outfits are a blend of her own sense of style and that of the renowned Nike, so let’s see how good of a job they did in 2013.

Maria Sharapova at the 2013 Australian Open

This year’s Australian Open was predominantly yellow in terms of fashion and, just like Adidas, Maria Sharapova opted for a combination of yellow and grey for the first Grand Slam of the season.

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The Russian raced to her Indian Wells title in the green version of the dress she wore at the Australian Open, while she defended her Porsche Tennis Grand Prix title in grey separates with orange details and accessories, and wore the same outfit later in Madrid and Rome.

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Maria Sharapova Stuttgart2013-7

Since Masha’s tennis clothes and accessories probably inspired me to start my signature fashion retrospections, my first such overview covered her apparel, back in 2007, so here on Women’s Tennis Blog you can enjoy a comprehensive picture of Sharapova’s Nike fashion:

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During her title defense at the 2013 French Open and eventual runner-up finish, the four-time Grand Slam champion wore a greyish purple dress with narrow bright yellow straps and details giving a pop of color and pared it with matching shoes.

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During her brief and slippery appearance at this year’s Wimbledon, which she will remember by three falls in a single match, Masha wore the Nike Women’s London Premier Maria Flounce Dress – style similar to her French Open dress, only with a more feminine skirt with zig-zag details.

In Cincinnati, in the sole match she played at what proved to be her last tournament of the season due to injuries which forced her to skip a significant part of the second half of the season, including the US Open, Sharapova continued the dominance of grey paired with a pastel color, this time mint.

I still find it hard to adjust to Sharapova’s toned-down outfits and lack of extravagance and edge that used to mark her fashion, now already years ago. Not only are designs very sporty, practical and simple, but even the colors are subtle and plain.

However, I have to mention that Masha did have one big fashion experiment during 2013, and unfortunately a very unsuccessful one. It was the Nike Women’s Autumn Premier Maria Print dress for the US Open, but having missed the tournament due to a shoulder injury, the biggest victim of the design was Canadian Eugenie Bouchard who looked like she had slipped in ink and couldn’t wash off the stains. Here you can see the dress.

What do you think of Sharapova’s style? Do you consider her an on-court fashion icon?


  1. I must agree with you, Marija, these are too sporty and simple for Masha. She needs more glamour on-court, after all she’s Maria Sharapova! Am not the biggest fan of hers but she has had some very nice on-court looks before, just not this year. For me, this year was a disappointment.

  2. I completely agree with you Marija, the designs that Sharapova wore years ago were far better. They were different and you didn’t know what to expect from her next. It’s not that her designs aren’t nice anymore, it’s just that they have become a bit boring. I think her best seasons for on-court fashion were 2007 and 2008.

    My favourite dress is probably the Roland Garros dress, I also like the separates she wore in Miami. I think that she definitely could have pulled off the Nike Women’s Autumn Premier Maria Print dress, I just think that it didn’t suit Bouchard because originally, it wasn’t made for her to wear.

  3. I think the point of the laid back designs is that Maria herself is so glamorous. The plainer styles allows Maria herself to shine.

    Does it really matter what Maria wears? She is beautiful in a t shirt and sweats!!

  4. I like the green and grey dress and separates, the Wimbledon dress is my favorite. I don’t like the grey RG dress and the Cincinatti separates, because of the lines of the colors. If the skirt or the dress were one color, it would be prettier in my eyes. But yet they would have been even more simple and sporty and mainstrem…

    But a pretty boring year to summarize. The more I see the pieces of last year pass by, the more I realize that I didn’t buy any piece to add to my tennis wardrobe… :S

  5. Tenniz-fan, Bróna, exactly, we’re used to Masha being the innovator, the leader in tennis fashion, while today her designs are all nice, but too usual.

    JohnnyB, of course Maria is always beautiful, but she’s a fashion-forward person and should bring more edge to the court, she should bring that wow factor and she hasn’t done that lately.

  6. I love ‘plainfully’ her RG dress Marija. The cut, the lining, it was perfectly made for her.

    The other dresses? No comment.

  7. I’m a bit bored too with Maria’s outfits for the past few years, I guess we all just got adjusted to the glamour 😀 But, I have to add, Maria now has her own line and, thinking commercially, a lot more people will buy something like this for their training rather than some lavish, over-the-top, more like cocktail dress. Yeah, those dresses were beautiful and everything, but it’s not really something you’ll choose for playing tennis. Anyway, I think all outfits are cool and sporty, nothing special though. My favorites are IW and Wimbledon dresses. 🙂

  8. Phaura Reinz, the dress is very nice and actually has quite a few details when you look at it closely. My favorite version is the green one.

    Mirjana, that’s exactly what I thought, the current outfits are much more wearable and sellable. Her glamor looks are just for Grand Slam stages and not appropriate for an average player, especially a recreational player.


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