Bethanie Mattek Sands as a sweet blond girl dressed in pink


This cute blond girl is now challenging the rules of tennis fashion with her bold, colorful and excessively accessorized style, always edging the boundaries of good taste and enjoying the shock effect she often produces, which is perfectly evidenced by my recent overview of her crazy on-court fashion throughout 2013. Of course, it’s Bethanie Mattek Sands!

Some time ago I shared several more childhood photos of Bethanie and we could then see that even as a little girl the American enjoyed colorful outfits, while her Indian-inspired look, probably for a Halloween or something, is one of the cutest WTA childhood photos in my collection. The above photo shows the girly side of Bethanie – a pink scrunchie and a matching T-shirt under a floral print dress (I suppose it’s a dress), and not to mention her gentle eyes.

For more photos of WTA players when they were kids, visit my Little Tennis Stars section. (photo via ITF Tennis)


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