All Nike dresses Serena wore during her 78 match wins and 11 trophy lifts in 2013


In recent years Nike‘s designs for Serena Williams have been dominated by wide skirts, V-neck dresses and overall sporty designs with accents of some vibrant color. The 2013 tennis season was superb for the world No.1 Williams, but let’s see how the fashion-loving American was dressed during the professional successes.

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Serena opened the year in red long sleeves and a girly navy skirt, the outfit in which she had closed the 2012 season with the WTA Championships title. The color red was again lucky for Williams, who again lifted a trophy in the outfit, winning Brisbane at the start of the season which ended up being her most prolific season when it comes to titles and match wins. For Serena’s Australian Open, Nike prepared a wonderful color-block dress featuring two shades of purple and orange waist, paired with orange headband and shoes.

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Another color-block dress was ready for Miami, this time with a white base featuring green, blue and lime sections. Serena dethroned Maria Sharapova at Roland Garros by complementing the red clay in a solid grey dress with orange shorts underneath, peeking through the slit on the skirt.


Serena Williams at Charleston 2013

In the lead-up to Roland Garros, Serena was also working grey and orange.

Serena Williams at Wimbledon 20139568116541_a0618e5ee0

Orange was also present at Wimbledon, and not delicately – at first glance the small Nike logo and a hair tie accentuate the white look, but soon you get to see that Serena’s shorts underneath was solid orange, thus challenging the rules of Wimbledon, and not to mention her crazy manicure which you can see here in my Wimbledon fashion overview. At the following tournaments of Bastad, Toronto and Cincinnati, Serena worked a plain, everyday look, although it didn’t prevent her from making extraordinary results – winning Bastad and Toronto and making the final of Cincy.

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The American won her fifth US Open title wearing two versions of her feminine Nike Women’s Autumn Heathered V-Neck Dress which features a cutout above the waist in the back.

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The closing of the season was of course accompanied by more trophies (in 2013 Williams won her record of 11 titles in a single season – previous best was eight, and record 78 matches in a season – previous best was 58) in Nike Women’s Winter V-Back Tank and Nike Women’s Winter Heathered Woven Skort.

Do you like Nike’s designs for Serena? Which one was your favorite in 2013? I loved the purple Australian Open dress – the colors are lively, suit Serena perfectly, and the pleats on the skirt are super cute.

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  1. My favorite is the Purple AO dress too. The design is so great and the colors are perfect for Serena. I also love the combinations of red/navy and orange/dark gray on her.. The US Open dress is also stunning, but because of the way it got in her way during the matches it is not my favorite.

    I don’t like the RG wrap dress, but that’s a matter of taste. I don’t like the way the top is stitched, but is open between her breasts. I don’t know if this is a fix or if it comes with the dress itself.. however….

  2. Watched the Miami dress again in the final. And it was beautiful, to say the least. It moves gracefully with the wind, and it was windy that day. The white is like a homage to the classic white in the 70s/80s. Just beautiful.

    Another one that I love was her Doha dress. Though it is the same Aussie dress, what I love was when she topped it with the custom jacket that Nike provided with the dress. She’s like Matrix’s Neo on the court when she donned that sleek, modern three-piece frock.

    Thanks for featuring Serena, are you doing Venus too Marija? Hoping that you would.

  3. The us open dresses are just wonderful, plus the miami dress i really likes it (classy and beautiful) …. i would like to see her next year wearing shorts 0-0 i think she will look stunning and it will show her curves 🙂

  4. Fifi, good idea, it would be refreshing to see Serena in shorts, although these feminine dresses with V-necks perfectly suit her figure in my opinion.

  5. I loved all of Serena’s looks this year. At first I didn’t much like the French Open dress, but over time I’ve come to like it more and more. The slate blue and orange colors with the subtle design features like the slit and the fitted waistband are beautiful. The French Open dress is tied with the Miami dress and her doubles outfit for the US Open (which is not featured here) are my top three. The rest are great though.

  6. Serena’s Miami and US Open outfits were my favorites. I also liked her French Open warm-up, French Open, and Beijing/Season Ending Championships outfits.

  7. Phaura Reinz, of course, every year I feature Venus. I try to cover as much brands as I can and Venus is not only one of the biggest active champions but also the main representative of EleVen.

    Jacob, the WTA Championships outfit is the plainest of all, and the skirt is tight, unlike all her other, more feminine skirts.

    Dedric Walker, Nike must be glad that you like half of Serena’s looks. 🙂


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