Venus Williams “Started at the Bottom”


Venus Williams‘ clothing line EleVen has had its best year so far, at least in my opinion, and I can notice that everything concerning the brand is getting better and better – from the very clothes, to its official website and marketing.

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Sharing the above childhood photo in her latest blog post entitled “Started at the Bottom”, with her father Richard and sister Serena, Venus also shared some words of wisdom of how she has accomplished so much:

One thing that all champions in life have in common is that they started at the bottom. No one started out great, and I think that is what people forget. In order to be successful, there is a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice that goes into it.  You are going to spend time when you are not very good and you have to learn the ropes, and that takes time. That is why I always suggest that whatever you pursue, make sure it’s something you love so you can enjoy the battle, because that is what it is, a battle.

Little Venus and Serena Williams

As an addition to this article, here’s another photo of little Williams sisters, which I came across online a while ago.

Naturally, I’ve featured the tennis champions in my Little Tennis Stars section many times, here you can see more:


  1. There’s been a big improvement in the quality of fabrics that Venus uses in her line. In the past, some of the apparel didn’t look particularly flattering. Now, the material used looks like much sportier and sweat-accommodating.

  2. GlamSpinTennis, I’m definitely glad that Venus’ clothing has improved so much, and her EleVen website is excellent now as well, which wasn’t the case before. I’m looking forward to see what she has in store for 2014.


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