Elle exclusive: Serena Williams poses in Berlei bras

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Serena Williams in Berlei bra

One of the reasons Serena Williams likes coming to Australia is the availability of Berlei bras which she’s been wearing for years. Serena’s mother first introduced her to the brand and has been buying her bras from Myer ever since Serena started coming to the Australian Open. Now the American tennis champion took some time off to star in a campaign shoot for Berlei and Elle shared exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Serena Williams in Berlei campaign

What’s Serena’s all-time favorite model? The Berlei Electrify Sports Bra. The world number one praises it:

It’s perfect for high-impact activity and comes in both underwire and wire-free styles. It’s so super comfy, even when you’re working up a serious sweat.

Serena Williams poses for Berlei bras

Serena has been officially endorsing Berlei for a year (in her interview for Elle she said two years, but I’m quite sure she signed the deal last year). I’m confused.

One would assume that Nike doesn’t like the fact that Serena is not wearing their bra tops, but Serena is actually sending them Berlei bras to dye them to match her Nike apparel and everyone’s happily working together. (via The Slice)


  1. A good photoshoot for women’s underwear, first shot is particularly nice, although I still don’t understand bra’s with the cleavage bit.


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