Sharapova promotes her personalized Porsche in Sochi


Sharapova at Porsche presentation in Sochi

Masha has spread her empire so much that she can’t go to a single place for a single purpose any more, she has to get at least two things done and while last week she played the Open GDF SUEZ in Paris and promoted her Sugarpova sweets, this week she’s in the city of Sochi, Russia, where she grew up, doing commentary for the Winter Olympics and she used the occasion to attend the the presentation of her sponsor Porsche.

Sharapova at Porsche presentation in Sochi 2

Matching the tones of her outfit (isn’t her Bottega Vennetta coat stunning?) with the Porsche interior, Sharapova took photos in the personalized “Panamera GTS by Maria Sharapova”, every detail of which has been specified by the Russian tennis star and in line with her personal aesthetic.

By the way, people dream of competing at the Olympics, but those who have already achieved that find excitement in ordinary things, like having an official job:

Update: Sharapova later changed her clothes and launched her Sugarpova candy line in Sochi. She never stops! (source: Sharapova’s official website)



  1. Maria did not grow up in Sochi or anywhere else in Russia. She grew up here in Florida!!!! She was born in Russia but is now 100% American!!! 🙂

  2. JohnnyB makes a fair point. But Maria also was a chief endorser to get the Olympics to Sochi. On a side note, pretty girl ugly car. maria you could have said No!, when they offered you that car.

  3. As long as she declares herself as a Russian she is promoting Russia and contributing to it, no matter how americanized she is (and she is! :)).


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