Old tennis photo of Zheng Jie with plaits and bangs


Zheng Jie as a child

How cute is it seeing a black-and-white photo of Zheng Jie from the days she just started playing tennis? Little Tennis Stars is one of my favorite sections at Women’s Tennis Blog and actually we’ve already shared with you one old tennis photo of the Chinese star performing a powerful shot when she was still just a kid.

This little child who accessorized her tracksuit with fashionable bangs and plaits in her adulthood became the first female player from her country to reach the semifinals of a Grand Slam, that happened at Wimbledon 2008, on top of winning four WTA titles and reaching the No.15 ranking in singles and No.3 in doubles.

Zheng, now 30 years old, is not the only Chinese WTA player whose young photo we’ve featured: we’ve also shown you little Li Na in bell pants and the leading Chinese player as a chubby smiling baby(sources: childhood photo via Photobucket, grown-up photo by ©Neal Trousdale)


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