Nicole Vaidisova instagrams new boyfriend!


Just as soccer players always date singers, it seems that there is some special attraction between women’s tennis players and golfers. After one such tennis-golf relationship between Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlory has come to a close, we are learning about a new one – young retired tennis star Nicole Vaidisova is dating golfer Daniel Suchan. Actually, they have been together since January and Vaidisova has been sharing her relationship photos on Instagram.

Vaidisova - Valentines
Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone has someone special to spend it with, I sure do ❤

Vaidisova was happy not to spend alone her first Valentine’s Day since getting divorced from Radek Stepanek, probably especially because Stepanek had already been dating Vaidisova’s WTA colleague Petra Kvitova for months (Stepanek and Kvitova have recently broken up).

Vaidisova at Miley Cyrus concert with boyfriend

The 25-year-old seems to be enjoying herself: exercising, shopping, travelling, going to concerts, movies, nice hotels, Formula 1 races in Monaco, and she has a man in her life – a 21-year-old Czech golfer, if I understood this Czech article well, a friend of her younger brother Oliver who also used to play golf. Vaidisova’s ex-husband Stepanek was eleven years older than her.

Nicole Vaidisova with boyfriend

Two months ago Nicole and Daniel were hiking in Arizona.

Saturday in my favorite city with my favorite guy #prague #home #golf #love #happy
Saturday in my favorite city with my favorite guy #prague #home #golf #love #happy

Nicole Vaidisova with boyfriend - love

Four months ago Vaidisova shared the above pic with hashtags: “Happy #love #life #myboy #mylife #goodday #relax #calm”.

Nicole Vaidisova movie night with boyfriend
Movie night #weekend #sarasota #3daystokill #bestcompany

Thank you, Kartik, for referring me to Vaidisova’s Instagram! For more articles about who’s dating whom in the women’s tennis world, visit our WTA Players and their Love Partners page.


  1. I am happy for her. hopefully she’ll comeback and play tennis again miss her so much on the tour

  2. Sru, no word on her possible comeback, although we can see that she’s playing tennis, running, doing gym work, playing golf, etc.

    Dxana, IMO age doesn’t matter, it’s his personality that’s important.

  3. Earlier this year i saw rumors that she’s planning a comeback and then she said she doesn’t even own a racket but if she’s playing and concentrating on her fitness hopefully those are baby steps in right direction she’s a natural hitter and has huge talent she shouldn’t waste it IMO but only if she is interested in playing of course

  4. Sru, it’s such a shame that she retired so early, at the peak of her young career actually. Now it’s positive that she’s staying in shape, but I don’t think she’s planning a comeback. I remember those stories that you’re mentioning, but for now I think she’s still enjoying her time away from tennis. It’s a pity for her talent..

  5. Peter, hmmm thanks for the info. I’ve been following Vaidisova’s social media profiles, but I failed to notice that Valentine’s image and the fact that afterwards she posted no photos with him. I had an impression that they were still going strong, but now that you’ve brought this to my attention I’m having some reserves. We’ll see.


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