Halep gets red hot Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe


Simona Halep Porsche

People’s opinions are divided when it comes to weather Simona Halep should have played tactically and lost to Ana Ivanovic in straight sets during the round robin phase of the WTA Finals, thus knocking Serena Williams out, or played fairly as she did, thus decreasing her chances of lifting the big trophy with the mighty Serena at the other side of the net.

My stance is that life is not fair and you should play it smart and stretch the rules where you can to increase your chances of success, just as Serena has strategically saved her body throughout her career. And it was not only about the prestigious title. By letting Serena go through, Halep practically said goodbye to the champion’s prize of $2,000,000 (as the runner-up she received $971,000).

Halep red Porsche

However, Halep has gained admiration of a large number of tennis fans who will never forget her fairness and it seems that high-profile companies have also recognized the Romanian’s value. Porsche, who is not even her sponsor, but that of Maria Sharapova, awarded the 23-year-old Halep with a new shiny red Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe. Neat!

But I have to say that no one beats Jelena Jankovic’s red Porsche posing! 🙂 (source: The Slice)


  1. This sounds like you condone cheating especially if moneys involved.
    Does this also include calling not ready if a serve is missed, resulting in winning a G.S.
    How about performance enhancing drugs, I suppose they are OK too as money is involved
    Life may not be fair for you, but it is for those who are honest and that’s why Halep gained admiration and a car

  2. Jameseo, many high-profile players have stretched the rules, think of times between points that they often prolong to have more time to rest, and in the end titles count and those are, unfortunately, the only things that will count in history and at the end of career as well.

  3. I didn’t know that she had control on whether Serena moved to semis or not, but knowing that now and knowing that she still played as well as she can makes me admire her even more. I watched the semis and final live and now she’s my second fav player, after Maria because I’ve been faithful for too long 😀 I wish that she’ll win lots of Grand Slams fair and square. Btw, it’s just so cool that Porsche gave her a car.

  4. Playing smart is fine but stretching rules is still cheating. Saving your body by playing less is playing smart and is not the same as throwing a match, taking false medical timeouts, Shrieking so loud your opponent can’t hear the sound of the ball on the racquet, constantly delaying game, denying calling for time or denying touching the net. Those are all cheating and the players who engage in those acts are remembered for that sort of behavior.
    Simona had the chance to win it all with no losses which would have increased her prize money considerably. It made sense that she went for it and it shows that Serena does not scare her. I hope that Simona continues to be a good sport and I know that she will win big soon.

  5. Maybe we should ask Simona, or maybe Simona wanted to actually play Serena for the title for her own satisfaction, to be the best you have to beat the best! Why win the title when you could have knowingly removed the ultimate challenge? Simona has plenty of years ahead & I think she did the best thing for her future & reputation – that alone deserves a brand new Porsche. Nice to see she’s not all about the money & plays for all the right reasons.

  6. Great admiration for Simona Halep. At a time.when match fixing and performance enhancing drugs have become a worrisome issue in many sports, Simona ‘s honesty shines out light a bright beacon and will be forever remembered. This will make any Grand Slam event she wins even more memorable. Contrary to what that person said in stating we only remember the wins, i ask, what on earth are we still discussing at this time many days after the event? And no one can deny that whenever the name Simona Halep is mentioned it will always be associated with that act of courage and honesty in sports.

  7. Fair-play, fair-win…Simona Halep did choose for her attitude and for her future. Not for momentary advantages, but for ethical verticality.
    And this is a choice of a great spirit. No at all an easy challenge.
    And – who knows – loosing to Ivanovich , who can be sure that she would have won the semis or the final?!

    This fair-play of Simona makes her the great winner of the history of the tennis contests.

    We stand by your side, Simona! Hope she will be next nr 1 and a great champ.

  8. She choose her own strategy for her match, I was unable to watch the match. Players stretch the rules in every sport and tennis is no different. The bigger the player the more they can get away with. Personal rant coming. Why is it all athletes tend to buy or get given really bad cars. The Porsche 911 is nothing more than a glorified VW Beetle. Maria and Simona were giving their cars, but JJ bought hers. The cars are not practical there is no room for a bad tennis racquets in them. I think the Land Rover and a Jaguar would be better tennis player cars.


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