Boo it’s little Heather Watson!


Heather Watson - Halloween

Her fast-flying tennis balls are scaring people away today, but while her body was still that of a little child Heather Watson sure had methods of protecting herself. 🙂 This is the young Brit’s Halloween photo from 1999, when she was seven years old. Isn’t it awesome? Heather’s mother Michelle is to be credited for the face paint. 

If you can’t sleep after seeing the witchy Heather, here’s a super cute version of the talented WTA player with her father Ian, just to help divert your thoughts. 😉

Heather Watson with her father

And this first day of school photo can help you as well!

Heather Watson first day of school

Happy October 31st, happy Halloween!

Here you can see more photos and a video of little Heather Watson, while our page Little Tennis Stars features links to probably about one hundred childhood photos of WTA players.


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