Iveta Melzer: from tennis player to fashion blogger


Iveta Melzer - outfit 1 Iveta Melzer - outfit 2

After ending her 16-year career of a professional tennis player, Iveta Melzer has become a fashion blogger, sharing beauty tips and matching her Céline, Givenchy and Balenciaga bags with trendy clothing. Here’s how the former world No.25 described her online project:

I created this website as a visual diary to document my thoughts, style, travels and simply everything that I love and want to share with you. I hope you will enjoy this creative outlet of my daily outfits, beauty tips, healthy lifestyle and much more.

Iveta Melzer - outfit 3

Will Iveta take it as seriously as other fashion bloggers and adopt it as a full-time career? I doubt, since there haven’t been that many updates these several months of the blog’s existence, but it’s nice that she’s having an enjoyable hobby.

BTW, a month and a half ago Iveta celebrated her two-year marriage anniversary with Jurgen Melzer.

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  1. Tennis Island, imagine hehe. I would never have thought that a tennis player can retire and become a fashion blogger, but here it is 🙂


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