Lotto’s breakthrough year 2014 with Agnieszka Radwanska, overview of outfits


After Nike, on the example of Eugenie Bouchard, and Adidas, through Ana Ivanovic as a model, let’s see how Lotto was doing during the 2014 season and how flattering Agnieszka Radwanska looked in their clothes.

Lotto had always been one of the brands nurturing simple, classic and non-experimental looks, but this year the Italian sportswear manufacturer took a radical shift of including some very colorful prints and in my opinion it was just the right decision (have a look at their 2012 clothes and you’ll see what I’m talking about). Let’s see how Lotto’s top player, world number six Agnieszka Radwanska, wore their dresses throughout 2014.

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Aga’s apparel from the beginning of the year perfectly illustrates Lotto’s uninspired approach that I mentioned in the beginning — one can hardly notice a difference between her white dresses in these first two pics. Plus, maybe it’s hard to believe, but Aga’s Eastbourne and Wimbledon dress is also a different piece!

Agnieszka Radwanska - Madrid 2014

The above orange and white outfit consists of the Lotto Spring Nixia Dress and the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed shoes.

Radwanska Madrid 2014

During that period of the season, Radwanska also wore the black version of the Spring Nixia Dress.

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The major change in the company’s history of tennis fashion, at least recent history, happened in Rome, when bland designs were replaced by a flowery garden from the Maddy Flowers collection.

Agnieszka Radwanska Eastbourne 2014

Flowers gave way to polka dots at the US Open. Yet another relatively daring design of the once-conservative Lotto. Radwanska paired the black and white dot print dress with yellow shorts and visor as highlights, with her Lotto Raptor Ultra IV shoes also featuring yellow details.

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Montreal, Cincinnati, Seoul, Wuhan and Beijing saw Aga in the navy Lotto Autumn Nixia Dress.

Agnieszka Radwanska Rogers Cup 2014

The Pole finalized the season by surprising us with butterflies! The clothing piece she wore in Singapore is called the Lotto Maddy Dress Butterflies and features adjustable tank straps, just like polka dot dress. The shoes are the same white and yellow ones from the US Open.

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Most Radwanska’s clothing items that are still available for purchase you can find at this page at Tennis Warehouse.

Which Lotto dress from 2014 is your favorite? I’m a huge fan of polka dots, so my vote goes to the Maddy Dress Dots, while I will remember this fashion season of Radwanska by her breakthrough flowery dress.

Now visit my page dedicated to restrospectives of WTA players’ yearly outfits, the overviews date back to 2007.

(photos: Jimmie48, Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe, Moo’s Tennis Blog, Marianne Bevis, Voxsports Voxer)


  1. haha at last they made the changes we all wanted !! to see aga in attractive outfits ;). I think these printed dresses go perfectly well with her personality and my fav one is her us open dress too 😀 I also liked her aus open and doha dresses because i was tired of her wearing white/black with orange which they brought back again for clay season. For the first time i’m sure many ppl are excited to see aga’s next outfit hope they continue these little experiments with those colours and prints

  2. Sru, I’m still not like you perfectly satisfied with Aga’s dresses, but I surely support Lotto’s experiments and much prefer their more experimental designs.

  3. I don’t think these dresses are perfect either but they are soooo much more better than those boring outfits she used to wear all the time before which i consider huge waste since aga has been consistently in top 5. I just felt those prints are fun just like aga. At least they are taking right steps 😉 fingers crossed for next year

  4. Diane, the polka dot dress is my favorite as well, although the floral Roland Garros one marks the shift in Lotto’s approach and hence I consider it the most memorable Lotto dress of 2014.


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